Resistance in Himalaya!

Himalaya is a region comprising jammu,Kashmir, Ladakh and Gilgit Baltistan.which had been resisted from several centuries for liberation from economical, political and cultural Slavery, therefore it is important to speak about  the freedom  for concerned units to build their relations under a planned economy in a federation at the...

May 1st: Pakistan and Kashmir

Demonstrations in Bagh Azad, Kashmir Demonstrations in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Statement IWL-FI Kashmir

Himalayan’s region in South Asia has become battlefield for announced war between Indian and Pakistan, the newly tension created in February 14,2019 for a suicide bombing in Pulwama, in Indian occupied Kashmir that at least  killed 40 paramilitaries after on February 26,2019  India attacked on Bala kot pakistan to...

Solidarity with LoC protestors of Kashmir

Kashmir is a matter of dispute between three nuclear powers (Pakistan, India, and China). It has been a very delicate and sensitive problem, especially for India and Pakistan, for seventy years. Both states spend more than 60-70% of their budget on defense due to this conflict, while the masses...