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The Imperialist Tragedy of African Migration

EUROPEAN RIGHT-WING AND FAR-RIGHT SECTORS denounce that migration to the European continent is the reason for all ills of Europe. By Asdrubal Barbosa for...

Imperialist Financial Capital in Africa

Overexploitation of the working class and the theft of natural wealth In the thought-provoking text “The Gravity of a Possible New World Recession”, published by...

In Spite of the Elections, the Algerian Revolution Continues

The elections for president of Algeria were held on December 12. They were summoned by the new dictator, General Ahmed Gaid Salah, to demobilize the...

Russian Revolution


A study on the Chinese working class

The main objective of this material is to analyze what happened with the great wave of strikes that swept through China between 2014 and...

Permanent Revolution: the 1917 Victorious Perspective

The October Revolution was the product of the combination between the Bolshevik Party led by Lenin and the Theory of Permanent Revolution elaborated some...