Mon May 27, 2024
May 27, 2024

Strong Support for Palestine in the Arab World

This week, mobilizations took place in several Arab countries in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, who are heroically resisting Israel’s brutal aggression. The most important ones took place in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

By Alejandro Iturbe

Western media hardly reported these mobilizations, which were filmed by participants and disseminated through alternative media such as Instagram.

Through that medium, a video has reached us that reports: “Across the Arab world, nightly protests erupt in support à Gaza. In Jordan, demonstrations continue for a second day, as protesters lay siege to the Zionist entity (Israeli embassy) and broke through security barriers to get there”. The action was massive, and the participants shouted: “Gaza is hungry, cowardly Arab governments!”. The Jordanian police repressed the vanguard of the mobilization (mostly young people) advancing towards the Israeli embassy [1]. The action was of such magnitude that it forced the New York Times to talk about it [2].

The same Instagram post reports a mobilization in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, with protesters saying,“Do not bow to the aggressors. From Gaza came the decision: intifada and victory! […] We vow to break the fence and defeat the aggressor army.”

We also received reports of mobilizations in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. In the latter country, on the local Mother’s Day, thousands of women held a large demonstration and chanted: “The martyr has shed his blood. Oh, youth, join us” [3].

Protests around the Israeli Embassy in Amman, the capital of Jordan. March 2024

Demonstration near the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan, in support of Gaza and against the genocide.Taken from:

Beginning in October 2023, when the Israeli army invaded the Gaza Strip to carry out a new bloody and genocidal action against the Palestinian people, a powerful wave of mass mobilizations started throughout the world in support of the Palestinian people and against Zionist aggression. This wave of protests has occurred even in imperialist countries that support Israel, such as the United States and Great Britain. There have also been huge demonstrations in the countries of the Arab and Muslim world, where people have confronted their governments, many of which are accomplices of Israel by action or omission.

The latter is of great importance for the struggle of the Palestine people. Let’s look at the case of Jordan, which borders the Palestinian territory of the West Bank (separated by the Jordan River). When Zionism carried out the Nakba, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to emigrate, especially to neighboring Arab countries, such as Jordan, where they remained as refugees living under very harsh conditions. Today, 2,500,000 Palestinians live in Jordan (out of a total population of less than 12 million).

In 1994, the Jordanian monarchic regime recognized the State of Israel, signed “peace” with it, handed over the West Bank (which, for decades, had been under its administration), and became the “external custodian” of the Israeli borders.  Jordan also became a “dam of containment and oppression” of the Palestinian refugees living in its territory, whom they repress every time they fight against that situation, as has just happened. The PLO and many Arab governments have carried out similar betrayals of the Palestinian people.

In multiple articles, we have described how the Palestinian resistance in the territories occupied by Israel has been fighting against its enemy with  significant military disadvantage. To regain their historic territory, the Palestinian people need to defeat and destroy the State of Israel militarily.

For this objective to be possible, the Palestinian struggle must be the “spark ” that will set the region on fire with a revolutionary process of the Arab peoples against their traitorous governments and regimes. In order to resume the path of military struggle against Israel, it is essential for the neighboring countries, such as Egypt and Jordan to become involved [4].

In the near future, it is possible that these mobilizations in Jordan will encourage an increase in struggle and resistance in the West Bank, as the two peoples are linked by many historical and current connections [5].

It also opens the possibility that these mobilizations in several countries are a symptom of the beginning of a new wave of massive mobilizations in the Arab world. This must be the case because it comes at a time when Israel’s offensive (despite its genocidal methods) is in serious trouble, and the Netanyahu government has been seriously weakened [6].

The IWL-FI and its sympathizers in the Arab world putting all of their efforts behind these mobilizations to advance the cause.


[1] 🚨 Em todo o mundo árabe, surgem protestos após as orações noturnas em apoio à Gaza. Na Jordânia, as manifestações continuam pelo segundo… | Instagram







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