Wed May 29, 2024
May 29, 2024

Women for Socialism! Let’s Put an End to the Violence, Exploitation, and Environmental Destruction of the Capitalist System!

A Statement from the IWL-FI

On the occasion of another March 8, International Working Women’s Day, we are proud to publish this new issue of International Mail, dedicated exclusively to analyzing the situation of working women and explaining the revolutionary solution we defend for their liberation.

As the capitalist crisis, which is also political, social, and ecological, deepens, the situation of working and poor women  has become more dramatic. Just look at the grim statistics of women raped, beaten, and murdered around the world, and how we working women continue to take the lead in rates of poverty, unemployment, and seasonal work.

The articles you will find in this magazine are based on a vision of the world in which the women’s struggle is not something separate, but part of the class struggle to overthrow this capitalist system of oppression and exploitation. It is an unjust and increasingly predatory  system that generates, maintains, and reproduces all forms of oppression.

 Its aim is the over-exploitation the most oppressed sectors within it and the reduction of the social spending necessary for the reproduction of the labor force, thanks to the free and invisible work that we women do in the private sphere of the home. In this way, the bourgeoisie succeeds in dividing our class, lowering the standard of living for the whole, and ensuring its world domination.

We begin the issue by defending the Leninist vision in the struggle against oppression, which was put into practice by the Bolshevik Party before, during, and after the seizure of power in Russia in 1917.

We devote one article to analyzing the feminist movement of recent years and developing the implications and importance of organizing women workers from a class perspective.

We also take stock of the struggle for reproductive justice that the working class, led by women, has waged in different parts of the world.

In the article “A Declaration of War Against the Working class, its Women and Diversities,” we analyze the situation of women in Argentina, the content of Milei’s attack on the oppressed sectors, and the working class and socialist solution we defend.

The genocide that Israel is carrying out in Palestine continues to be a fact that arouses sensitivity and solidarity, especially among women, given the number of women and children massacred. That is why we dedicate an article to explaining why the liberation of Palestinian women is part of the liberation of their people.

Likewise, we note that in these years the environmental catastrophe is worsening in step with the capitalist crisis. Therefore, the magazine includes several articles that analyze the gender, race, and class dimensions of the struggle for environmental justice and the impact of climate change on social reproduction.

In the section on theoretical polemics, we debate with the feminist movement in Italy on the meaning of patriarchy. The position on prostitution is also an issue that currently divides the feminist movement. We have included the article “A Marxist Look on Prostitution,” originally written in 2015, with some updates for today, with the aim of stimulating  much-needed debate on this issue.

The magazine is complemented by two other materials: An important campaign in Colombia against male chauvinist violence in the workplace,  and the special dedicated to our dear comrade Carolina Garzón, who disappeared 12 years ago, and for whom we continue to demand investigation, justice, and reparation.

We hope that the magazine will be a useful tool for all those who are struggling against the violence, inequality, and discrimination suffered by the oppressed sectors in this system that is becoming more and more urgent to overthrow.

We also hope it will serve all the groups and parties of the IWL in the task of including more and more women in the construction of our International. As our International, the IWL-FI, which, in the tradition of revolutionary Marxism, has been fighting for the liberation of women from a classist, socialist, and revolutionary perspective for more than 40 years.

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