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July 23, 2024

Resistance in Himalaya!

Himalaya is a region comprising jammu,Kashmir, Ladakh and Gilgit Baltistan.which had been resisted from several centuries for liberation from economical, political and cultural Slavery, therefore it is important to speak about  the freedom  for concerned units to build their relations under a planned economy in a federation at the level of equality. Therefore, readers are required to refer when popular term Kashmir or Jammu Kashmir used consider them units.

By: IWL_FI Kashmir

Friends and comrades

If we want to understand the Himalayan region, it is necessary to understand the partition of subcontinent. This time the half poor of world leave in subcontinent. There is no region in world like subcontinent where people leave with food deficiency. India and pakistan spend less than 5 % of budget for health and education. Subcontinent is economically shabby region in world. From 72 years elites of subcontinent with imperialist coalition economically, politically and socially exploited working class on name of Himalayan conflict. Common man has received nothing except Poverty, Unemployment, Sickness, Deprivation, Backwardness, Declining infrastructure, Linguistic, Religious, Cultural and National Conflicts. It had told that our leaders got freedom from British imperialism. But if analyzed in keeping with the principles of social science, it seems that the capitalists and feudalists of India and Pakistan, together with British imperialism, achieved this by bleeding the revolution against imperialism. As a result, close to 1.5 million people were killed and 14 to 15 million people were displaced and forced to displace. Divided the living body of the subcontinent by imposing unnatural borders, dividing Bengalis, Kashmiris and Punjabis, which contradicted the economic and social traditions of the region. These religious, linguistic and cultural issues of subcontinent were further complicated by this division; religious differences still has strong hold in the state structures of India and Pakistan. Partition led to the beginning of a regressive geopolitical confrontation between India and Pakistan, which led the people of both countries through three civil wars and countless war crises and peace , then to this hysteria about war and peace as a permanent strategy Drawn on the senses of the public. This division reinforced imperial domination, stopping the economic development on scientific grounds, including water sources. the imperialism established a strategy whereby the rulers of one state fought against the ruling class of another state, and today they have given joint task against working class of subcontinent to apply IMF and world Bank’s policies.

Himalaya & Imperialism

Many of our revolutionaries neglect imperialism and blame the capitalist regime  of the subcontinent for the current situation in the Himalayas, but this is not exactly true, the problem was created by imperialism and the old policies were continued on the transformation of imperial power to America from British. For the past 71 years, the Himalayan Problem with popular name (Kashmir problem) has been expecting for UN Decision, but UN office bearers  and Commission’s heads don’t know what will be the decision and how it will .We believe today that the United Nations directed by  North America as a political institution. NATO as Military Alliance, IMF as economical organization and Dollars as the valued international currency.

Capitalism, which has long been shaped into imperialism, is the only system of the world to confirm the high level of profitability and liquidity of imperialism. At present, the three most directly linked countries with the Himalayas – China, India and Pakistan – are paramount importance in terms of economic and political strategy.

Imperialism, as it is today, is a set of global economic monopolies, the corporations’ those use the states politically to achieve their economic goals. That is why the Himalaya is the the flashpoint of global economic interests. Which not only give the access to China pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) project to central Asian market but also connect the three billion peoples of China, India and Pakistan Market along with raw materials. At that time, many global monopolies have shifted their business from China to India and Bangladesh, which are currently using the Indian state to get access to China pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). For this, Washington was given a representation and the state  of Pakistan, India and China had already been informed about the plan to set up public narrative. Presently, imperialist monopolies have to access to China-Pakistan economic corridor and secured investment in the Himalayas on both sides, especially in hydro-power projects. The disputed Himalayan region Gilgit Baltistan linked to Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, where China has huge investment on name of CPEC. The investment in both sides of Kashmir either POK or IOK, the contracts for all major projects have been signed with the governments of India and Pakistan, which have now begun to raise questions from masses. Therefore, the permanent division of the Himalayas is the imperialist agenda to secure this global investment.

At present, the imperialism, kept pakistan and Indian governments frontline, to capture the Himalayan waters, glaciers and ecosystems and status of an Himalayan state, second, behind the problem of the Himalayas. Always want to continue looting the resources of this region.

This strategy is not exclusively contradictory to the global monopolies or their spokesperson states, but the main reason behind the implementation of this strategy is the market of over three billion people. Which has always been traded on the basis of linguistic and religious hatred. Where the capitalists together with each other rob the people of the region, but the working people are divided. The same strategy has been formulated for Palestine and kurd questions. China’s emerging capitalism contributed most to North America in the 2007-09 economic crises, which is the main reason why China’s monopoly capital has now become an important component of global imperial capital. The fear destruction of one is the destruction of all. Therefore, China is no longer at war with the United States, but always wants to keep her workers at war hysteria. China is another very special but small global center whose characteristic role prominent her from all others. China’s economy, has a especial capacity to layer out a global market, However, no other state in the world has as much influence on economy as China does. The China accommodation in economy is about 50%, while in the USA and other imperialist countries, the rate is about 20% because China is a country with the largest population and China’s big corporations are gaining influence against the corporation of other countries. The import of raw materials is what makes China the decision maker for many markets in the world. China’s bourgeoisie, which depends on imperialist bourgeoisie, fulfills the conditions of investment all over the world because of the accumulation of capital that is often partnered with imperialist investment. China, like the rest of the world, is a country of uneven development with 94% of the population occupying only 6% of the area, therefore from 94% of the population was planned to shift from east to west keeping connection with CPEC. This was happened due to pressure from Chinese workers on Chinese communist regime. Workers were imposed cuts From past several years in public sectors like the rest of the world. there has been an attempt to remind us lesson of proficiency through the name of the Public Private Partnership, not only within China but  invested  in rest of countries including Jammu and Kashmir. We think that there is a stir in Chinese society that is not visible to us at the moment due to extreme censorship, but the movement has started from China’s colony Hong Kong, , which has achieved a lot. This movement will, in any case, be a source of Heading for Chinese workers.

Indian & Pakistani states

In the Communist manifesto, Marx called the capitalist state a joint committee of every layer of capitalists. The liberal intellectuals around us think the state is neutral and if not, the country will go towards anarchy. But we do not think of a capitalist state as a social and neutral institution, rather it is a weapon for the capitalists. Through which they control all fields of public opinion and the rest of the armed forces and uses it against the majority of the working masses. Marx has termed the capitalist’s warrior brothers. Those who agree on the oppression of the workers but will continue to fight for the distribution of wealth obtained through the exploitation of the workers, as is happening in India and Pakistan today. How workers are being used against one another by seizing resources. The revolutionaries should always beware of being the instrument of repression of the capitalist state and must unconditionally support all the resistanceists and nationalists who fight for their resources against the state.

Indian Prime Minister and imperialist representative Narendra Modi changed the disputation and special status of Jammu and Kashmir in August. Article 370 whereby Jammu and Kashmir came into effect under the Constitution of India in 1949. Article 370 allows the state to have its own constitution, a separate flag and independence over all matters except foreign affairs, defense and communications. Another provision later added under Article 370 – 35A – gives special privileges to permanent residents, including state government jobs and the exclusive right to own property in the state.It is seen as protecting the state’s distinct demographic character. India has scrapped a law that grants special to Indian administered Kashmir amid an indefinite lockdown and massive troops deployment in the disputed region.

India is not only the main state providing raw material to global capitalism but also has a market of 1350 million people for consumption of goods. Many global imperialist corporations have shifted their businesses to India. Due to this, India has gained importance within the region. Foreign investment in India is growing very fast. This can be measured from the fact that Article 370 is still in the process of being abrogated and many National and International Corporation have indicated that they are ready to invest in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. In the past, India has already invested heavily in her occupied region in cooperation with North America imperialism particularly for hydropower projects. now, the imperialist corporations invested in India demand access to  China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC),Since this route is possible from Gilgit-Baltistan to Ladakh. Ladakh has been taken directly into federal control of India.

We should see this decision with broad narrative, what pressure brings capitalist state to deal with communal tactics. Two years ago inside India, workers had a historic strike against the bandits for  their rights. The leadership of the Hindu nationalism, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the religious extremist Rashtra Swimsuk Singh (RSS), told the Modi government for permanent solution to  divide workers on religious and national bases. Against this religious and racial division, the young revolutionaries fought back. Another layer of  Indian society, the peasants also marched for their rights and said that every time we divided on the name of religion, nation and country but now it is for totally workers, The peasants and workers control now.

Pakistan character

Pakistan is a country that has always been ruled by a military establishment. The foundation of her is religious Chauvinism against India and the key point in this issue is Kashmir. Under the guise of which the so-called caretaker of poor countries like Pakistan have become so rich that they have now begun to run military institutions along with global monopolies. Who converted the pro-independence struggle of Jammu and Kashmir into a proxy? Their trained pro pakistan mercenaries killed freedom fighters. Like India, Kashmir’s resources were seized. First, in 1974, eliminating the State Subject Rule in the disputed territory of Gilgit-Baltistan, which provided justification to India for abolition 35A.Pakistan is running its Administrative Kashmir under the Interim Constitution Act 74, according to  which the Kashmir Council owns all the resources of Jammu and Kashmir, the head of Kashmir council is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. After this, the people who have the most powers are, the Representatives from pakistan Minister of Kashmir Affair and the bureaucracy deployed (consisting of Journal Commander Officer, Pakistan Secret Agency, Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary, IG Police, Accountant Journal). Pakistan has never given freedom of speech and expression to the people of so-called Azad Kashmir. Always used repression against workers who criticized her. Kashmir will become Pakistan, without signing this agreement no one can participate in POK legislative assembly election.  for People’s rights the political activists Baba Jan, Iftikhar Hussain and the rest of their associates have criminalized by pakistan’s state  in Gilgit-Baltistan sentenced to 71 to 90 years under Section 780A of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Today, the statements of the bonapartist regime of Pakistan and the silence of the military leadership seem to show how much support they have for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They used to talk about the raising of Pakistan’s flag on New Delhi and now say if Pakistan administrative Kashmir is attacked, then it would have to be replied to India. It seems that Pakistani regime have taken the role of the oppressed from North American imperialism, in return for which Pakistan wants to permanently control the  pakistan occupied Kashmir, including Gilgit-Baltistan .So that the government of Pakistan expecting from people of so-called Azad Kashmir and the people of Pakistan to  chant slogans “ Kashmir will become pakistan”. This is state narrative but from Kashmir in every place they face resistance and slogans in favor of independence.   

Should the so-called Azad Kashmir government be strengthened?

Today, the second and third generation of these beneficiaries imposed by Pakistan is in power. They have always used the power of the people for their small purposes and accumulated huge resources for themselves at times. We know that they are the agents of Pakistan; in the last analysis to control these resources for Pakistan’s state. Fighting against them should be the primary purpose of our struggle. Therefore, it is important that those who follow the Act 74 be sent home as well.

The popular strategy for struggle

Some nationalists claimed groups have shaped united front name peoples National Alliance (PNA), taking the path of struggle. Of course there are with different trends, but they all agree one point that the Jammu Kashmir problem will be solved by struggle and resistance not by under the badge of UN, but this alliance with some borderlines for constituent assembly is appealing to all units of Himalayan region. externally to India, pakistan and international working class mean this strategy should be on both fronts national and International.


Immediately release the prisoners of  Gilgit-Baltistan.

The ban on trade unions in POK should be lifted.

Sanitary workers should be given permanent and allotted land occupations.

Withdraw foreign troops.

End the Line of Control.

Conducting the referendum not under UN-led rule but with the supervision of public committees and trade unions forces of the world.

Extermination of external domination.

Democratic control of Kashmir workers over Kashmir resources Along with this, we are summoning to the people of India-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan for constitutional assemblies.

National Front

Appeal to Trade Unions: We know working relation philosophy of society; working collectively at institutions not only takes care of each other’s interests but also contributes to further communication. At present, more than half million of workers from population of 4.6 million, are in production and services sectors. A large number has disorganized due to trade union banned by employees order 2016 In POK, It is necessary to fight against this order 2016,. The demands for takeoff ban on Trade Unions had become the part of PNA Programme , including sanitary workers, be given the possession of their allotted land .

Appeal to Peasant Masses: this time, work on the Masse level is most important because masses are now most revolutionary than before, people are very interesting in debate about current situation  of Jammu Kashmir ,it is better to not drag them but achieve Maximum. The signature campaign has started from villages and Cities Level under the banner of committees which hold the conferences at the level of Union Councils to elect delegates for tehsils and districts conferences. The leadership of tehsils and districts along with masses come for manifestation towards POK capital Muzaffarabad on 21th October for constituent assembly.

Our Final remarks on Quit jammu Kashmir movement

Looking at the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir, it is anticipated that India and Pakistan were not occupiers before. The Capitalist regimes of Pakistan and India have been very cleverly involved in the struggle of the people of  jammu Kashmir after partition. Alliance with non-elected representatives polluting by religious Chauvinism while these countries hold finance, defense and communication in sense of  fee to advocate of Kashmir problem in UN or imperialist countries and will continue to be, a scam. All the agreements in past signed by previous rulers, whether those were signed with British imperialism and the Maharaja’s, affiliation of so-called Azad Kashmir with Pakistan or the agreements between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. We think that the situation is very bad at the moment in both societies of India and pakistan , both countries are suffering from economic crisis and with mutual consent historically discussing Kashmir issue to impose taxes to the people of the regions. Their green wisdoms are based on the temporality one hand to capture the water, glaciers and ecology of the Himalayas, and on the other hand, the problem is always maintained to plunder the resources.

In our view, agreements should always be on the basis of equality. Agreements made without equality fall into the category of occupation. We have to consider Article 370 of the Constitution of India and Article 257 of the Constitution of Pakistan. These articles of both constitutions are weapons in capitalism’s hands of India and  pakistan for keeping subcontinent workingmen in constant crisis. We are not responsible for compliance with such treaties.

Within Jammu and Kashmir, there is a huge investment of India, Pakistan and imperialist monopolies, all the agreements with the governments of India and Pakistan, begun to raise questions within Kashmir and  rest of the Himalayan region linked to Kashmir, including Gilgit-Baltistan, after China’s major investment on name of (CPec).securing this global investment in Himalayan region is imperialist agenda for this recently the Prime Minister of pakistan was visited to  united States and taken the role of how to make the public narrative on this division of Himalayan regions.

At present, the regimes of Pakistan and India are constantly propagating that the people of Himalayas can freely buy Land, establish business and work all walks of life within India and Pakistan, but citizens of India and Pakistan do not get this privilege. At this point, the citizens of India and Pakistan need to be cleared that the Himalaya is disputed region due to North American imperialism, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India and Pakistan. They are responsible for maintaining their interests in South Asia. They are keeping our division on cultural, religious and sectarianism basis. It is promised after independence of Kashmir, all We want equitable relations with the workers of India, Pakistan and the world. There is a reason that will keep us close to each other in every field of life, even from organizational program to strategy. It is important for Himalayan independence and sovereignty that all revolutionaries come forward to fight for self-determination of Himalaya and immediately demand for withdrawal of troops from Kashmir.

Let’s build the federation of socialist republic of Himalaya











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