Solidarity with LoC protestors of Kashmir


Kashmir is a matter of dispute between three nuclear powers (Pakistan, India, and China). It has been a very delicate and sensitive problem, especially for India and Pakistan, for seventy years. Both states spend more than 60-70% of their budget on defense due to this conflict, while the masses of both countries are deprived of their basic rights like education, health, and employment.
By Revolutionary Youth and Workers’ Movement – Pakistan.
Kashmir is neither part of India, nor China or Pakistan. It is a nation forcefully occupied by India and Pakistan, and a third part of Kashmir was given to China as a gift by Pakistan in 1962.
Currently, Pakistan and India are facing serious economic and political crises. They are unable to solve the issues of their people and try to divert their attention through the so-called war-peace drama. Neither can they maintain peace nor war. They are just playing games with their people and threatening them with each other. These games lead to a serious socio-economic conflict between the civil establishment and the military. The military want a war environment to fulfill their interests while the bourgeoisie wants peace because their interests lie in peace.
The forces of occupation of both sides are continuously exchanging fire on the Line of Control (LoC) [1] resulting in heavy losses of lives and the destruction of their houses is continuous. There is not a reliable media coverage and the silence of the UN representative is criminal. The people on the LoC are in a miserable and frightened state.
There is no proper health care in that area and many injured people were brought to the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, but many of them died during the journey due to the long distance. The children cannot go to their schools, the people cannot move freely, the Indian forces hit the vehicles near the LoC and many passengers and children going to school have been killed. The massacre of Kashmiris is being conducted continually by both sides.

While both countries trade and exchange gifts with each other, especially in Waagha, [2] Lahore, their only agenda is to divide Kashmir and loot their resources. In this regard, a protest was called by the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) in solidarity with the Kashmir people, to stop firing and against the usage of heavy artillery. This protest was named the “Peace March” and was held on March 16. When the protest started, the police used tear gas, shelling and firing on protestors. Many protestors were injured and taken to a hospital. RYWM and the National Students Federation (NSF) also supported this march and stand by with the people of Kashmir.
There is a very delicate and crucial situation for our comrades and the masses of Kashmir near the LoC (Line of Control). We think there are a conspiracy and a previous agreement among these countries to divide Kashmir turning the LoC into a permanent borderline for their imperialist motives. We condemn this action and demand the withdrawal of both countries’ occupation forces from Kashmir.

We demand the end of violence against protestors, to stop the firing across the border and peace. The right of self-determination is a fundamental right of Kashmir, we support it unconditionally. Stop the people’s massacre and the violation of human rights. Rebuild the affected communities, for health care and hospitals. Rebuild their houses. Fulfill their basic rights like education, health, and employment.
We request to all comrades of IWL-FI, the revolutionary workers and youth of the world to come forward and support the masses of Kashmir and protest at Pakistani and Indian embassies against this massacre and violation of human rights. We need your solidarity.
Comradely Regard: Atif Nazir (NSF)
[1] Artificial border dividing Kashmir along regions military occupied by India and Pakistan.
[2] Pakistani city near the Line of Control.


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