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July 12, 2024

Statement IWL-FI Kashmir

Himalayan’s region in South Asia has become battlefield for announced war between Indian and Pakistan, the newly tension created in February 14,2019 for a suicide bombing in Pulwama, in Indian occupied Kashmir that at least  killed 40 paramilitaries after on February 26,2019  India attacked on Bala kot pakistan to claimed, killing of large number of militants.

On February 27, both fired and made bombardments in disputed territory of Kashmir, even three to four fighter jets shattered down, one pilot had been held in pakistan after his MIG-21 jet was downed on Wednesday during dogfight between Pakistani and Indian warplanes over the ceasefire line. Who handover back to India on March 01,2019 for promoting peace.  

Statement by IWL-FI Kashmir

Ever since the partition of subcontinent in 1947 by British imperialism, Pakistan and India have been archrivals. The most disputed border between the two countries runs through the Himalayan territory of Kashmir Where both countries suppress the masses and both claim as their own. India and Pakistan have fought three wars before and one is going on, both were taken resolutions to united Nation, the thieves’ institution which saved their profits for the name of nations which makes designing to control the workingmen of world that is why once again the ongoing war is the planed on the name of Kashmir.

It means the the imperialism has taken a lot from South Asia, now everywhere the   revolutionaries in societies are standing against imperialist plundering ,confusion , divide and rules in whole region. The masses no doubt a less are fighting against unemployment, poverty, inflation, abduction, judicially killing, imprisonment, poor education, poor health care, terrorism, backwardness, lack of freedom of expression, waste, favoritism,   privatization, rightsizing, downsizing and corruption, unfortunately they are weak and unorganized, polarized with different slogans due to confused curriculum that left taught them in region, now they are learning from practices.

In India two years  ago who challenged the government of Bharatiya Janata Party  (BJP) and a religious Rashtriya Swayamseagvak sangh (RSS) a Hindu nationalist volunteer organization both credited with engineering a political realignment towards right wing politics, sophisticated education, sociology, politics and economics, charged political and social activists, Indian society is in transformation from none revolutionary to revolutionary. Indian government has no controll in Indian occupied Kashmir , BJP quits kahmir govt and calls for rule over region by Federal government , remember the mass movement in Indian occupies Kashmir has got much potential specially youth has been fighting against Indian occupation which has enthusiastically  stand every village ,city , square ,school, college and university from last ten years.

This movement becoming symbol of courage, heartwarming the whole region masses. Kashmir movement is now appealing people to resist for both countries defense budgets which became most dangerous today’s slogan because now the people are asking from direct Capitalist elites , Military Generals and specially the imperialism, who sales weapon of mass destruction. Pakistan was in lull from last one and half decades. People were bearing on name of war against terror, partially working class fought against privatization of telecommunication and national movement in Baluchistan.

The banopart leadership of   pakistan tahreek Insaf (PTI) brought in society by Military against corruption of previous government of pakistan Muslim league (PMLN) Imran khan was popularly enter into bourgeois main stream leadership won 2018 general election and became prime minister of pakistan, just after 6 and half months he was facing a lot of problems. He is playing as imperialism want. One side China, Pakistan Economic Corridor project (Cpec) where all parties of imperialism want parts in profits with guarantees of success by Pakistan leadership.

IMF and World Bank want more Cuts in social sectors, youth want jobs. People from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) want royalty and free electricity because (POK) is main producer in Hydro electricity, the Mass from Gilgit and Baltistan want jobs and royalty from Cpec because the Gilgit Baltistan is part link with kahsmir Issue where Cpec connects to pakistan.The workers stood against privatization. Pakistan Military and leadership which is 18 percent shareholder in Pakistan’s economy after imperialism defamed every concern. The judiciary in Pakistan always remains with Pakistan Military due to 18 percent shares.

Pakistan 2nd largest ethnic group pashtuns who disturbed much during Afghan war and war against terrorism.  One year back every none pastuns see them in terrorists posture, they check in every check post due to this behavior specially military made with them came out and bluntly tell the terrorists and those have relations with them, organized Pastuns tafiz movement (PTM) moved to non pastuns has been appealing them to mutual fight. This popular movement brought Pakistan Army to criticize a much.

Pakistan occupied Kashmir has mass uprising for Neelam ,Jhelum River save movement for which they asked demands , save environment , rights on sources, free electricity, go Pakistan go back , free Kashmir , mostly this movement youth has involve who consists some organized propaganda groups motivate society to fight for rights, this stance is increasing day by day.

The society of Kashmir is in non revolutionary to revolutionary period.

The movement has threaten but unorganized that is why imperialism brought the tactics of war to depressed masses , Indian government to win election again to use Hindu nationalism , Pakistan Military leadership to  bring lost goodwill back.

The imperialism sponsored this war to create fear among masses, the fear of respect, religion, patriotism etc India has to act annoyingly and Pakistan has role peace and peace. We condemn this drama of war and peace. Because we understood that they play on stage to wage for some days and kill civilians near so-called ceasefire both side of Kashmir after some imperialist representatives came in front of corporate media to stop this play.

Why the war?

As we have watched everywhere on bourgeoisie media, some days before, the Saudi Arabian king Mohammad bin Suleman  the imperialist subordinate came to South Asian visit for investment as he invested $ 50 billion in India and $ 20 billion in Pakistan. We know that previous foreign investments brought many problems for both countries representatives for that they have been bring mini budgets to adjust cuts on working class. This style was bring unrest among masses, if this war has not happened might they faced uprising against them as like happened in Middle East, now in Latin America and Europe for this we are sure they had to go for war to impose more taxes in both countries for imperialism and Modi should be elected back because pakistan Bonaparte regime and Modi have more combination to use the tactics of religious Hindus  and Muslims chauvinism against mass movements.

We should reply imperialism!

We should unveil them in every place with courage as we know that many are sent to society for propagation about war, about so- called divisions on name of racism. We want collective efforts to stand this bloodshed in Kashmir. We should launch free Kashmir movement.

Friend and comrades nationally and internationally

We need your solidarity with people of Kashmir, who are affecting by direct firing across the ceasefire line.

We want to stop huge migration due to this firing near ceasefire line areas.

We want to keep the movement of self- determination of Kashmir on flash point to unveil imperialism in front of South Asian masses.

We want collective struggles of self-determination, Kashmir, Palestine, Kurd and Catalonia combine campaigns for combine  attacks

We want to build the revolutionary party of world against imperialism

Long live the struggle of world working class.

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