Donald Trump just assumed the real stand of the North American imperialism by acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist State and announcing he will move the US Embassy there.

 By International Secretariat.


Before an unstable situation regarding the US internal policy, on December 6 Trump took a stand that can unleash a new wave of demonstrations in Palestine, the Middle East, and the entire world. This stand means to give Israel the full control of Palestine and eternalize the Palestinian people as a population subjected to a colonial apartheid regime. It even means to dilute any possibility of agreement for a “two-state” policy, as it was the official stand of imperialism, the UN, and the Vatican so far.

This decision also buries the ill-fated “peace process” of the PLO leadership since the 1993 agreements. By doing this, Trump keeps his campaign promise to Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who automatically saluted this stand – which is a proof that his policy of ethnic cleansing, colonization, and genocide in Gaza is sustained by the main world imperialism.

Palestinians have no doubts about the status of Jerusalem: it is the historical capital of Palestine. So they immediately reacted to Trump’s decision calling on the Days of Rage that were already being announced. Protests are now taking the streets of occupied Palestine and the capitals of neighboring Arab countries, like Amman (Jordan) and Beirut (Lebanon). Palestinians in refugees camps of the region also raised against this measure.

In Jerusalem and the rest of occupied Palestine, the call has been embraced – in the diaspora, Palestinians are equally outraged. Along the Gaza Strip, they are participating in the two Days of Rage. Several resistance groups demanded the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) to review their acknowledgment of the State of Israel, which means to take back its surrender and abandonment of the only fair solution: one sole Palestine State, free, secular, and democratic, in the entire historical territory usurped by Zionism. In other words, the end of the State of Israel.

The PLO and the NPA

Founded in 1964, the PLO acknowledged the State of Israel in 1988. In September of 1993, Yasser Arafat and Yizhak Rabin shook hands before the White House, signing the tragic Oslo Agreements, based on the proposal of two states (Israel in 78% of the historical territory and Palestine in the 22% left).

The National Palestine Authority (NPA) was created to manage the occupation. The NPA had to manage the so-called Area A (18% of the West Bank), yet with no autonomy, under security cooperation with Israel, and under full economic dependence. The rest (most of it) would be under mixed control with Israel, or directly under Israel’s full control.

From there on, the colonization process substantially increased, and it continues until nowadays. The 5 million refugees, the thousands in the diaspora, and the 1.5 million Palestinians who remained in the now-Israel territory, subjected to more than 60 racist laws, are not covered by the so-called “two-state solution.” It is a complete surrender by the PLO to a colonial project and institutionalized apartheid.

A day before his statement, Trump tried to prepare the field together with the collaborationist NPA. He met the NPA president, Mahmoud Abbas, to announce the decision. Abbas affirmed that it would be the end of the “peace process” and asked the UN to stand against Trump’s decision. But the stand “on peace” in favor of the two-states, formally supported by the UN and European countries, will not be –as it never was– an obstacle to implement Netanyahu’s policy, now officially supported by Trump. Only a new insurrection process, like the previous Intifadas, with massive international support to the Palestinian cause, can make Trump and Israel withdraw.

The traditional Palestinian leadership state that Trump’s measure is against the ill-fated proposal of the two states, but the leader of the NPA did not hesitate to declare that he will do “all it takes to avoid a possible Intifada.

On Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the nerve point of a pacific resistance and Abbas knows that. The bourgeois Arab governments, allied to imperialism and enemies of the Palestinian cause, also want to hold back the revolt, as it might lead to a new upraise in the region, given the centrality of this question. Palestine’s liberation is not in hands of these leaders but of the Arab and Palestine workers, together with the youth vanguard, who must build a new revolutionary alternative with no trust in the old leadership. Palestinians know that.

Jerusalem has been the stage of many protests lately, before the aggressive colonial expansion and “Judaization” by Israel. The explicit support by imperialism can be the straw for an Intifada that is growing in occupied Palestine since 2011, in midst of the revolutionary process in the Arab world. HAMAS made a statement in favor of a new Intifada.

An International Struggle

This Palestinian struggle needs the solidarity of all workers and peoples in the world. If imperialism imposes this decision in Palestine, it will mean a strike to all struggles of the peoples oppressed by imperialism.

Trump should get a response on the street against this stand that attacks the Palestinians’ rights. Across the Middle East, the Palestinian cause is considered the central point of struggle against imperialism. It is necessary to repudiate all over the world the Trump action of supporting the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by the Zionist State.

It is necessary to confront imperialism as in Vietnam war and Iraq invasion.

We adhere to the Days of Rage called by Palestinians. We call to occupy the streets against Trump and Israel and make huge demonstrations like it was against the invasion of Iraq and the Vietnam war.

Unconditional support for all forms of Palestinian resistance! For a new Intifada!

Strengthening of international solidarity, and full support to BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions on Israel)!

For a free, secular, democratic, non-racist Palestine! End the racist State of Israel!