The G20 and the Cold War in Technology

Last weekend’s G20 summit in Osaka resolved nothing substantial in the ongoing trade and technology war that the US is now waging with China. At best, a truce was agreed on any further escalation in tariffs and other measures against Chinese tech companies.  But there was no long-lasting agreement...

Letter By Daniel Ruiz To The International Delegation

Letter by Daniel Ruiz to the IWL-FI and the international delegation that visited him in jail Marcos Paz Prison, June 28, 2019 To my IWL-FI comrades To the international delegation visiting Argentina To MIT , PSTU , PT It is very difficult to express in words a feeling that goes beyond the known. The...

We Stand With Daniel Ruiz and Sebastián Romero For The Elections!

The Argentinian Left and Workers Front – FIT – added by the MST, Poder Popular (People’s Power) and our party, PSTU, presented their candidates in a press conference. Our comrade Daniel Ruiz, who is a political prisoner, was nominated a candidate for Federal Deputy in the Chubut Province, Patagonia,...

Letter Of Daniel Ruiz On The 9th Month Of His Incarceration

On the 9th month of my imprisonment: go on resisting with struggle and organizing First, in my name and in that of my family, I give you my thanks for all the support, solidarity, financial help and the commitment for my immediate freedom. While our working class, the youth, the social...

Rally Demand Free Daniel Ruiz Now!

Five hundred people attended a rally demanding freedom for activist Daniel Ruiz under heavy rain in Buenos Aires’ Plaza del Congreso in front of National Parliament last May 9, 2019. CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup May 19, 2019 Around 20 organizations - Human Rights NGOs, Labour Unions and political parties and personalities – addressed...

Human Rights Organizations Demand Free Daniel Ruiz Now!

On April 12, 2019 48 human rights organizations, shop-stewards committees, unions and political parties held an impressive press conference in Argentina to demand freedom for oil worker Daniel Ruiz. By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup Daniel has been unfairly in jail for 7 months for his participation in the December 18, 2017 protests...

May 1st: Pakistan and Kashmir

Demonstrations in Bagh Azad, Kashmir Demonstrations in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

May 1st: Brazil

https://www.facebook.com/pstu16/videos/353073675413474/?__xts__=68.ARCNxAv6UIuiyXwDrTpQYzH2vHiOpX4GzfiyXH-IArYlUOUboHQ7vEiBpJ5X4KWCnmQtbswSgEFSl0BiRzMZpoBe0MW5el7Ol9mtErr8zoU0xiV_meD7vpevB1WUtiodIrPWDPtbr7r4YD0ULLVQOp4EXswnHR_kwgWcXuU9X27_Nut4PonECH4g5fbq2LbNtnqIsHybcI7KxNSdk2qtVIgghMwoYShcZN9HccGqJ5YXuy0mXBf3X0IhA-XVei0ggJZwUfZB9TZFlwoTy25rFXS0ZPLg6O1AB9K5qO3m4g2YKCWY9Gzfs0Cl2FoRVbAojclAXhBdnO9jCMveesqVHDmW6_ArWZsA5Q8kzQ&__tn__=-R https://www.facebook.com/pstu16/posts/2143649055725713?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCSLpKXA8GtPyr9w6Ye95oOkY2m51b4ZTBKryA5tMGW0Hp7O3xPBUCjYTXoRB_n_-NwVJru6Qda3g6ngsVYkVPW0Z5FW1jYxOdtwsFSJai6NgaFZnEmCt5sLw4yvxv5JUqI5xOpxbe1kXM9YWKCHwYxalJRYhbvoJ_EJmK1-_x4NEFHzVQIMU3XO1yEpJLcoa-NlqnwjLYq8I1PGxJjshfwoNNh0522AVwAk-dBVXFqcXXqMPvvnxyi2ymd7NO-Rp0sLyVsWStqLA1MBMQCMA2yPr1G7wT6UN7N_i-Lbh1c3qRUy90WeGVLSqviKlNiEIghmUU3io-DFFkKxSVRvMWlTQ&__tn__=-R https://www.facebook.com/CSPConlutas/posts/2218289708240012 https://www.facebook.com/CSPConlutas/videos/388401641750241/ https://www.facebook.com/CSPConlutas/videos/352907268667165/ https://www.facebook.com/CSPConlutas/videos/2301165920107022/ https://www.facebook.com/CSPConlutas/posts/2217967628272220

May 1st: Paraguay

  Paraguay Gloria Bareiro:   Julio López: https://www.facebook.com/litci.cuartainternacional/videos/351657605465701/?__xts__=68.ARAzfm9wP-CoGEgqVvTvCZjjT8ivPhmFg1wZwcpdrN0rA04G25n2jixJRsTqdl5DsVVmd8dOu9sxh2aHulBJ9BCWucPsQd2ocH0fR4vFjjuDKnSpo14lFR44yQ0fy_wWRjjPOXw2bMWnxZ7B3V_Yt-qDz6xuSqibp9TE-CMYUU-A9LW6uLmlF8l0XUMXHWArL5VzMSKAgMNzM_2rJOv_kOf-YnRzok1GLAfJl8l9K_ktRWAQTCurjcACLu0hd6poeeXWWtQy_tku3MHXZsE0xCYhMXVoTy2Ztd-g1JjTdp6YZhgPzRD5OMME3aXSQwQpHgqwZi93my41aaY&__tn__=-R Solidaridad con Daniel Ruiz:

May 1st: Italy

Italy: Bologna, Bergamo, Cremona and Firenze