Police officers in strike defy the government and join the people against JOH’s tyranny. Until now, the strike reaches Tegucigalpa, Comayagua, Progreso, San Pedro Sula, Santa Barbara, and COPAN.

They say, “We will not kill the people; we will not take action under state of siege. The politicians make agreements between them and force the people to kill each other. We are the people, too.”

Police officers of the elite battalion COBRA rebelled against JOH and broke the chain of command. They are in the headquarters in San Pedro Sula, second biggest city in the country. They refuse to repress the people and call all middle-ranking officers to disobey their superiors.

In an interview, one of the revolted officers states:

We are part of the people, here […] the people cannot kill each other.

They also sent a message to JOH: We will not defend someone the people do not want, “we are not politicians’ shields.

Another spokesperson said:

“Right now we are in strike (…) to manifest our discontent with the national situation. We are part of the people and cannot be killing ourselves, each other. We have families.

On the mobilization, they stated: “it is a fair struggle.” They demand to count vote by vote to respect the popular will as expressed in the polls.


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