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May 30, 2024

CSP-Conlutas Stands in Solidarity with Egyptian Political Prisoners, HK and Honduras

CSP-Conlutas national coordination met on July 5-7, 2019 in Sao Paulo.

The struggle against the Social Security Reform, which is meant to smash pension rights of the working class, was the top priority.

Another decision was to postpone their four-day national congress which is expected to happen between October 1st and November 4th, 2019.

Internationalist motions in solidarity

The arrest of Egyptian activists was addressed. CSP-Conlutas demands Al-Sissi administration to release all political prisoners, be they sympathizers of Muslim Brotherhood or not, and to stop the persecution against activists.

Honduras uprising was also remembered. CSP-Conlutas demands President Juan Orlando Hernandez to stop all repression by both police forces and the army.

A motion in solidarity to Hong Kong working people in struggle for democratic rights was passed. CSP-Conlutas supports the struggle for freedom in both Hong Kong and Continental China.


Motion in Solidarity to HK Workers and Youth

CSP-Conlutas, a Brazilian labor and people’s federation, stands in solidarity to Hong Kong workers and youth in their struggle for democratic rights.
The chief executive of Hong Kong (CE) works with the Chinese dictatorship to suppress the hard-won democratic rights of HK people while the Chinese dictatorship suppresses any democratic rights of the Chinese working people in the continent.
We stand for democratic rights for both HK and continental Chinese working people!
Longlive the resistance of HK working people!
Free HK!
Down with Chinese dictatorship!
Free China!
Longlive International Solidarity!

CSP-Conlutas National Coordination
São Paulo, July 7, 2019.

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