Fri Jun 21, 2024
June 21, 2024

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Pakistan | March 8th, the day of working-class women: For the end of degrading conditions and oppression!

We live in a chaotic, turbulent, exploitative, gender-based capitalist system. The more resources one has, the more they dominate the economy, politics, and culture. Women's...

Statement IWL-FI Kashmir

Himalayan’s region in South Asia has become battlefield for announced war between Indian and Pakistan, the newly tension created in February 14,2019 for a...

“You do change our wrong image”

The efforts changing the image of Pashtuns made by Pashtun’s Tahafuz Movement (PTM) is an eye-opener for Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership, who have...

Solidarity to the Brave Workers of Brazil

From May 24, we are being in touch with your brave struggle which is called by Federations, CSP-Conlutas and PSTU, occupy Brasilia. We are...

National and International Solidarity Campaign for Pakistan International Airline (PIA) workers

 We reproduce the statement of Revolutionary Youth and Workers Alliance Pakistan about current struggle of PIA workers, against privatization, against government repression (which...

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