Mon May 20, 2024
May 20, 2024

Solidarity to the Brave Workers of Brazil

From May 24, we are being in touch with your brave struggle which is called by Federations, CSP-Conlutas and PSTU, occupy Brasilia. We are part of your demands “end of the Labour and Social Security reforms, derogation of the outsourcing law, out with Temer and the corrupt Congress and NO to Indirect Election.”
Our brothers and sisters, we know this, over all countries, governments persist in applying harsh right-wing, neo-liberal, pro-capitalist and pro-multinational economic and social policies to the detriments of the vast majority of the working people, of their democratic, economic and social rights.
These all stooges are working for corporate businesses everywhere in the world to suppress democratic and trade union rights including the basic right of forming peaceful assemblies. The replacement of regular labour with permanent job contracts has become a common practice with the support of the governments around the world.
In the building of International Workers League, Workers Movement the Pakistan section of IWL expresses solidarity on behalf of workers, full support for the demands of Brazilian workers and militant solidarity with the PSTU, CSP-Conlutas and working class.
The Brazilian working class is setting an example for others Unions, Federations and workin class parties in the region and around the world: unity in action can be achieved on the basis of a principled working class position. It paves the way for further action and new united struggle against capitalist exploitation.
Workers Movement salutes you and wishes you all success in your class oriented.
Long live workers internationalist solidarity!
Long live the working class of Brazil!

Revolutionary Youth and Workers’ Movement

Pakistan, May 26, 2017.


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