On June 13, the release of Marxism Alive channel in Youtube is coming!


With much joy and excitement, we invite you from the International Workers’ League to the release of the Youtube channel “Marxism Alive” on this Wednesday June 3.
During eight weeks, we have produced programs on current political issues from a Marxist analysis and reflecting the main IWL-FI standings.
For two months, we have produced a weekly program, on the nuclear disarming of North Korea, the rebellion in Nicaragua, the French May, the 200 years of Karl Marx, the 80 years of the Fourth International, the Palestine Nakba, Lula’s imprisonment and the Teamster strike in Brazil.
Last Sunday June 3, we broadcasted the first debate of a series of programmatic debates and lectures, which will take place in the IWL-FI headquarters, with simultaneous translation online.
With this new channel, we will continue to publish a weekly program “Marxism Alive”. Five minutes of political analysis every Wednesday at 14 H, Brazil.
We invite you to join us this Wednesday June 13, in the release of this channel with a special program. Remember to visit our web page and social networks, and subscribe to this new Youtube channel: “Marxism Alive”.


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