It’s time of a General Strike and taking the streets!


The national truckers’ strike is stopping the country against the high price of fuel. In only four days, it put the Temer government and Congress against the wall, gaining popular support and solidarity by a high number of industries, currently stopping in support to the transportation workers’ strike, like oil workers, longshoremen, and motorcycle, van and taxi drivers.
By PSTU Brazil.
This trickers’ mobilization joins the several struggles in course in the country. The same day that truck workers were blocking the main highways in Brazil, Mercedes Benz workers from the ABC Region [industrial region in Great Sao Paulo] reached their second week in strike. Professors from the private network in Sao Paulo also stopped and went to the streets. Workers from the Construction industry in the capital of Sao Paulo stopped as well, and so did the Federal Revenue workers.[1]


Federations need to call a meeting

It is time to unify all those struggles, to build a common agenda that joins the fair demands of truckers with other workers’, and call a general strike in the country. To lower the fuel price, but also the cooking gas price. The crisis loaded on workers’ shoulders is causing for many families to go back to firewood kitchens. This is a consequence of the policy of privatization of the Petrobras, taken ahead by the PT governments and deepened by Temer. It is necessary to re-nationalize the company, for a 100% State Petrobras under workers’ control and not of corrupt politicians, for it to produce for the population and not for a bunch of stockholders.
A General Strike to end the massive unemployment, that struggles for the reduction of work shifts without wage cut; that revokes the labor reform that only pauperizes our right and increases unemployment; against any type of Social Security reform; that does not put a roof on public spents. To take Temer down now!
The Federations’ leaders must urgently call a meeting to prepare the General Strike. This is what the current situation in the country demands.
Out with Temer! Out with all of them!
[1] Brazilian State body responsible for the administration of taxes and custom services.


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