Working Class' Platform Statement on Nicaragua

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega addresses the audience in Managua October 6, 2011. Ortega handed over 110 buses, purchased in Mexico and with a loan from the American Bank of Economic integration, to the public transportation unions, according to local media. REUTERS/Jorge Cabrera (NICARAGUA - Tags: POLITICS)

Working Class’ Platform – PCT El Salvador, Section of the IWL-FI, before the distorted and hypocrite public stand of the FMLN regarding the events in the sister-land of Nicaragua, manifest the following to the public opinion:

  1. We deplore and condemn the FMLN stand and recent statement of its legislative fraction, in which they once again endorse the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship and minimize the serious violations to human rights, pointing the people as responsible for the violence when it is the official repressive apparatus the one that kills and attacks those who demand the leave of the dictator and his wife.
  2. These stands confirm once again that the FMLN abandoned the field of the people and revolutionaries. Its mere acknowledgment of the regime and unintelligent act of trying to “cover the sun with a finger” are an insult to the Nicaraguan people, and an obstacle for Nicaragua’s freedom.
  3. The dialogue called, of which the Catholic Church was warrantor, was hypocrite and a lie, so it is no surprise that the demonstrators and the Church itself left it aside.
  4. We remember the harsh and dynamic words by the youth in the Dialogue when they say that “we are covering the deads’ quote,” and we stand in solidarity with those who suffer a repressive escalade more violent each time, that the FMLN pretends to ignore.
  5. We demand the rupture of diplomatic relationships by the El Salvador government with the Nicaraguan dictatorship. We also demand the FMLN, its summit and its legislative fraction to stop making this type of call and really listen to its base, whose majority condemns the attacks on the Nicaraguan people. Stop staining the legitimate struggle of those who demonstrate seeking a non-repressive, inclusive Nicaragua. This is a shared wish with El Salvador, and we stand in solidarity with our Nicaraguan brothers in this harsh moment.

Only the people save the people!
Long live the Nicaraguan Fight!
Out with Ortega, Murillo, and the FMLN!
San Salvador, June 21, 2018.


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