Thu Dec 01, 2022
December 01, 2022

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Pakistan | Nature’s response to the ruling classes’ greed

In the last few decades, nature has been taking its revenge for the violence done by the oppressor class. There have been many warnings...

Brazil | With Bolsonaro’s Support, the Amazon Suffers Another Gold Rush

December 14, 2021 On December 6, the newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo” published a report showing that this year, general Augusto Heleno, minister of the...

Debate: Marxism and Environmental Crisis

MARXISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS | The International Workers' League (Fourth International), LIT-QI, will promote, on September 27th, a debate entitled “Marxism and Environmental Crisis",...

Trump’s Tricks to Deceive Workers And the Task of Unionists

  Trump Wants to Divide Working People to Defeat Us By La Voz de Los Trabajadores / Workers' Voice.   Trump’s arrival to the White House began with...

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