MARXISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS | The International Workers’ League (Fourth International), LIT-QI, will be promote, on September 27th, a debate entitled “Marxism and Environmental Crisis”, as part of the global mobilization week, called Global Climate Strike.

The climate crisis is undeniable and its drastic consequences can be seen and felt everywhere, so it is crucial to discuss how it can be stopped.

The panel will be presented by Osmarino Amâncio, a leader of rubber tappers  in the state of Acre, in the Amazon are, and a resident in the “Chico Mendes” Extractive Reserve. Since his childhood, Osmarino has lived under the exploitation imposed on rubber tappers, witnessed the beginning of the invasion and destruction of the lands by large landowners and its consequences in the forest. Just like many of other “Forest People”, Osmarino lives under constant threats against his life, but has never given up the fight in defense of the Amazon.

The panel will also count with the participation of comrades from other regions of Brazil and representantives of IWL´s section in Portugal and Spain.

You can participate via our live stream, which can be reached on our page: or through Facebook