Repudiation to the intensification of Sebastian Romero's persecution


A few days ago, Federal Judge Sergio Torres dictated an international capture request for our comrade Sebastian Romero. This shows an intensification of the persecution of those who struggle. This time, by persecuting one of the many that defended themselves on December 18 from the brutal repression that aimed to guarantee the sacking of our elders through the vote of the Social Security Reform, taking place in the Congress.
By PSTU Arg.
This is an attack against workers and their struggles. Today, thousands resist Macri’s adjustment, like the miners in Rio Turbio – an example to follow. They occupied the mines, made a strong “pueblada” against layoffs, and now they are preparing to receive Macri’s response: hundreds of gendarmes ready to repress them.
The same justice that benefits genocides like Etchecolatz persecute those who confront Macri’s adjustment, that sinks our families in hunger and misery serving the multinationals. It is the same justice that keeps Milagro Salas in jail.
Judge Torres freed Arakaki and Ponce just to request their imprisonment again without any reason. And, during the past week, it dictated the extradition to Chile of Facundo Jones Huala, in jail since June 2017 for defending the Mapuche lands – today in hands of the magnate Benetton.
Sebastian Romero is being persecuted because he is an activist and a worker that confronted the layoffs of his colleagues in General Motors at the beginning of 2017. He mobilized to defend the elders’ rights, and he became a symbol of rage against this government and its economic plan.
By persecuting him, they are trying to punish the thousands that see in Sebastian an example of struggle. We cannot allow this. We call the organizations and workers to double the campaign against the persecution of working class’ and popular activists, and to keep confronting Macri’s plans and government in the streets. We need a new D18 against Macri, uniting the workers’ and women’s struggles, with social, political and Human Rights organizations to impose the General Strike that the leadership does not dare to call.
The rights of our families are at stake, and we need to carry out a new Argentinazo for Macri to leave, and for an economic plan to serve workers.


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