Peace Land and Bread Avant-Premiere in South America


The documentary Peace Land and Bread addresses the Russian Revolution and its lessons.
Workers, students and activists from labor and people’s movements attended avant-premiere sessions in several South American cities.
Many historians consider the 1917 Russian Revolution as the most influential revolution of the 20th century.
Workers, peasants and soldiers united to end the Russian participation in the First World War.
They had to put down the government and capitalism to build a new social order.
Their demands for peace land and bread ressonated across the nation.
The world would not be the same as before.
However, what can we learn from this spectacular revolution?
This movie is meant to draw the lessons from the October Russian Revolution for the current struggles of the working class and oppressed peoples.
Nowadays, labor and social movements stand up and fight back the backlash against working people.
Even so, achievements are always under attack.

Do we need a new Russian revolution?

That is what Peace Land and Bread will address through testimonies of class struggle activists.
The full testimonies of the protagonists are available in the book on the documentary.
Delegates for the III CSP-Conlutas Congress in Sumaré, São Paulo attended the first avant-premiere session.
Then, the official launching took place at Sao Paulo University Law School, downtown São Paulo.
Workers and the Youth in Buenos Aires and Assuncion attended avant-premiere sessions as well.
Check the pictures of these avant-premiere sessions below.
Future sessions will follow in these cities and others across the world.
Don’t miss it!
The director, actors and actresses, and the entire technical staff at Sao Paulo University Law School for the launching of Peace Land and Bread

Two hundred and fifty people at the launching in Buenos Aires. The director Martín Garcia attended the session.

One hundred activists watched Peace Land and Bread  at SITRANDE (ANDE workers’ Union) in Assuncion, Paraguay


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