Out with this government of corruption, social cuts, and war against Catalonia!


Rajoy’s government, backed up by the King, the PSOE, and Ciudadanos, took one more step by passing Bill 155, which means the intervention of Catalonia. It is the first time in 40 years that we see the intervention of an “autonomous community.”By Corriente Roja.

The worst nationalism is the Spanish one

They talk about the “nationalist” danger of those who, under the motto “proud to be Spanish” organize military parades and fill the streets with Spanish flags, celebrating the genocide of indigenous peoples and the pillaging of an entire continent… and then they call the others “nationalists”!
Felipe VI, Rajoy, and the ruling parties are the representatives of nationalism that is showing its belligerence, intransigence, and cowardice by hiding behind the accusation of “nationalism” to others when their nationalism is the strongest one of all.
They talk about respecting the law and to impose order; the same ones that sacked the country, the ones in the Party of Bárcenas [PP] and Gürtel, [corruption scandal;] or ERE [EREscándalo, corruption case of the PSOE] in Andalucía.
Where is the respect for the law when they condemned millions of workers to unemployment and misery by implementing one labor reform after the other one? Where is it, when they attacked the struggle for pensions, now in danger for over 9 million pensioners? Where did these lovers of law and order leave this right when they evicted thousands of families since the beginning of the crisis, at a pace of 189 evictions per day?
A king that no one chose, designated by his father, in turn, designated by Franco, is trying to give lessons of democracy…
Why didn’t the patriots went to the streets with Spanish flags when the industry and field were being dismantled to hand the country over to the Europe of merchants, to the German, US, and French bank and industry?
Where were they, and where are they now, when the Spanish people are being sacked to pay the debt to bankers?
Those who talk about an economic recovery (the one that the ones below don’t see) now have the audacity of warning about the “economic dangers” that Catalonia’s exit could cause, plus the $13.000 million Euros of the “independentist affair”. Rajoy’s government sacked $42.590 million Euros from the State, that will not be recovered (officially,) to save the banks. Will they implement the 155 to Moncloa and destitute Rajoy, too?

The attack on Catalonia is an attack on the working class

With the implementation of the 155 dressed in roja y gualda [Spanish flag], they want to cover up not only their nationalism but their attacks, robbery, and sacking of workers’ and people’s rights.
To defend bread, work, roof, equality; to defend the most basic democratic rights demands the broadest unity of the working class. Unity to defend immediate freedom for the Jordis, [see Freedom to the Catalan political prisoners Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart!] and the right of Catalonia to decide, and to take down this government of corruption, cuts, and nostalgy of Franco.
We need to go out to the streets and support all unitary initiatives in defense of bread, work, equality, and Catalonia’s right to decide.


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