General Strike on October 3! For the immediate proclamation of the Catalan Republic!


First, we congratulate the Catalonian people, who, with their courage and determination, defied the brutal repression of the State, and fought tooth and nail the referendum, massive and that imposed a tremendous defeat on the regime.By Corriente Roja

Today’s events show that to win, there is no more guarantee than our own strength, the self-organization from below of the youth, workers, and popular sectors.
We are proud of the solidarity shown by the rest of the country, of major political importance: the Basque country, Madrid, Seville, and many other places.
If this was not enough, October 1 was the proof, without a doubt, that this monarchic regime is inheritor of Franquismo, absolutely irreconcilable with freedoms and the legitimate right of a people to exercise its right of self-determination.
We denunciate those forces that, claiming to be leftists, like the PSO-PSC, supported Rajoy politically and allowed this brutal State intervention.
We equally denunciate the shameful role of the governments and institutions of the European Union and the US government, who did not hesitate in aligning to the repression against a people decided to vote.
The crude scenes of repression, completely indiscriminate, affecting elders and toddlers, people of all ages, leaving more than 800 wounded, demand an immediate massive response.
Thus, we call everyone to participate massively of the General Strike on October 3, called by the left unionism with the support of social movements and left organizations. The fact that CC.OO and UGT, opposed until now, also adhered, is a proof of the success of the events and of the strength of the mobilization.
It is time for the working class to stand up strongly against the repression and for democratic freedoms, and to do it with its own voice, incorporating also its own demands (like derogation of the labor reforms, end of jeopardization, dignified pensions guaranteed by the budgets, and to undo the cuts).
Following the path of self-organization we began today, let’s prepare the general strike from below, with massive assemblies, and the unions coordinating with the referendum defense committees, representatives of private workers, students, neighborhoods, and social movements.
It is equally necessary to organize right away a Day of Struggle against the repression and in defense of the people’s right to decide. This is a fundamental, urgent task for the Marches of Dignity.
The popular upraise of today and the fact that, defeating a harsh repression, a clear majority voted, as well as the results of the voting, demand from the Govern de la Generalitat and from the Parlament the immediate proclamation of the Catalan Republic. Such is the popular will. There is no more time to appease. We cannot take any step back. There is no way for an agreed referendum, like Ada Colau and Pablo Iglesias ask for. There is no possibility to decide the national and social future of Catalonia if we do not break now with this regime, inheritor of Franquismo.
Only by proclaiming the Catalan Republic we will have the possibility of deciding, freely, our relationship with the rest of the peoples in the State. The free union we defend can only be the result of an agreement between free peoples.
The immediate proclamation of the Catalan Republic has to come with the opening of a constituent process, democratic and popular, where the working people, who are the majority of us, can define the Catalonia that we want.
Corrent Roig – October 1, 2017.


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