The multinational announced that it will lay off up to 130 workers in the coming days.

PSTU – Campinas.


To stop layoffs in the company, there is no other way out: workers must unite and stop the work in the factory to halt the absurd dismissals that the company wants to promote. The giant multinational Unilever has always profiteered at the expense of its workers, it is possible to keep all jobs.

The workers have already begun their struggle. The factory has practically stopped producing due to the slowdown the logistics sector performed during the week. They will be hit hardest by layoffs, as the sector will be outsourced, and are at the frontline of the fight. All other sectors are apprehensive because they know that the layoffs will not stop, nor will the outsourcing. Unilever wants to sack its workers to outsource and pay half of the current salary. The company still offered a ridiculous bonus to those dismissed that no worker has accepted.

The layoffs are on the agenda because the company only thinks about its profits. It does not give a damn about the 13 million unemployed that exist today in Brazil. He does not mind even being the most important company in Vinhedo city (Sao Paulo state). So, the situation is getting worse for those who always suffer the most: women, blacks and LGBT’s working class, in Vinhedo and in the whole country.

Not to mention the situation of the city that suffers from an increasing cost of living, a crisis in the finances of the municipality, precariousness of the public services and closing of the night shift of the Emergency Unit and the A&E department at the Capela neighborhood.

What the company is trying to do is kick-start of what’s to come after the approval of the Labor Reform and of the Outsourcing Act that were passed in the Congress of corrupt rascals and sanctioned by the hated and corrupt Temer government. They still want to approve the Social Security reform, to end our retirement and make us work until death.

The government, the Congress, and bosses are together, always to increase the worker’s exploitation to enrich themselves, to steal more and more, while the worker sweats his guts out to pay all the bills and provide his family.

This is how capitalism works! Exploitation of many, wealth for the few. Money bags[1], public debt that takes away all the wealth of the country to give to the banks, and still has the nerve to say that there is no money for public services.

To change this situation, it is necessary that all workers unite in one fight. Side by side. Because your workmate today will be unemployed tomorrow and go through difficulties like you. Layoffs can be stopped if the fight is powerful. The workers, the Union, and the whole city must unite against the unemployment promoted by Unilever. Organize the strike, make demonstrations, demand from politicians, the mayor etc.

Moreover, this situation occurs throughout the country. So, we must unify all wage struggles and campaigns. November 10 will be a day of strikes and shutdowns across the country. This is an important step in building the general strike to defeat the reforms and overthrow this corrupt government.

Through the struggle, the workers will be able to build a real way out for this whole crisis and to put an end to exploitation. The working class can govern based on workers’ and people’s councils, manage companies and the country. Because every toiler knows that without him the factory and the country cannot produce a screw, a shampoo, or a deodorant.

No to Layoffs! Strike Now!

No to the implementation of the Outsourcing Act and the Labor Reform!

No to Social Security reform!

Nationalization under the control of workers of companies that fire!

Out with Temer! Out with All Them!

For a working-class socialist government, based on workers’ and people’s councils!


Translation: Marcos Margarido.


[1] Referring to bribery received by politicians to pass bills in the Congress.