Catalunya: Let’s prepare the General Strike for October!

Encourage and take part in the mobilization against repression!


On September 21, Union left, social organizations, left parties, and sovereigntists entities met in Barcelona. Unions expressed their disposal to call for a 24 h General Strike in the first week of October, action they justified in the need to respond to the serious situation of the working class, especially under the current circumstances.
By Corrent Roig.
CGT, IAC, and the InterSindical-CSC already presented alerts for a strike someday between October 2 and October 13. Next week, with a clear stand of every organization, the date for the General Strike will be finally set. The wide majority of attendants to the meeting already positioned clearly in favor of the call. Regarding the CCOO and UGT, which did not appear at the meeting despite being invited, it was demanded of them to support the strike as their duty.
Corrent Roig fully supported the call, we celebrated it and joined it with all our strengths. The General Strike is a vital step to defeat the brutal repressive offensive by the State, at moments exacerbated (accusations against uprisings already began, and thousands of civil guards and the national police force are ready to take action) to ensure the democratic victory. It is essential for the working class to enter the scene with its own voice, embracing the anti-repressive, democratic struggle, and incorporating its own social demands.
We call on all collectives, organizations, and activists; to everyone, to organize to build the general strike from below, from now. Like and with the University students, already in action. From the neighborhoods, workplaces, institutes, universities, and homes, it is necessary to act together to respond to the repressive escalade by the State.
Let’s build the General Strike!
The claws of the State should stay out of Catalunya!
Only through the struggle we will vote the 1-0!


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