JOH’s regime is highly threatened by the magnitude and extension of the spontaneous insurrectional process in the country. Over 50 cities carried out actions that go from massive demonstrations to blockades and barricades to impede the passage of the repressive forces.

By PST-Honduras

The regime’s response before our legitimate demand has been a cut of democratic freedoms, particularly free circulation. Also, it declared State of Siege for 10 consecutive days, during which the population will not be able to move through the national territory in any way from 6 pm to 6 am.

This policy aims, on one side, to end the struggle, and on the other, to make us go back to work, as the free-transit hours correspond to the office-hours of most of us.

Since they cut the democratic freedoms and the repression went harsher, the situation has been more dramatic: there are tens of detainees and seriously injured, besides the death of at least 5 people, mainly in the cities of Choloma and La Ceiba.

The regime is showing its worst face to impose, by fire and death, its heinous electoral fraud. Before this, as a people, we should respond with our best weapons: organization and struggle.

The PST has been posing that, as a people, we should take advantage of the free-circulation hours to strengthen the actions, besides organizing assemblies in our neighborhoods, towns, and villages, to prepare the next protests in the most democratic way, aiming to build a Civic National Strike, insurrectional and for an indefinite period of time.

If this is properly organized, we can make the regime’s repression withdraw and recover, through the struggle, the freedoms they want to take from us. So it was in 2009 when the curfew could not control the actions in the most organized neighborhoods. Last night experience with the cacerolazos is a good example of how our well-organized rebellion can defeat any attack the regime tries to impose on us.

Also, we need the broadest international solidarity. Before the State of Siege imposed by JOH, we need to internationally isolate this government. We call for all organizations in solidarity with our people to urgently carry out actions in their respective national embassies to put pressure on them to demand from the national governments (specially those which claim to be progressive or at least democratic) to immediately remove all ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from Honduras, and to close the embassies in our country.

Let’s siege this regime, nationally and internationally. Each second that goes by under this situation is costing us valuable lives. There is no time to lose.

Not one more minute of JOH in power!

Trial and punishment for JOH and his gang!

Down with the State of Siege and all type of repression!

No trust in the Electoral Court or international observers!

Indefinite National Strike, with assemblies by neighborhood and workplace!

Let’s build a socialist, revolutionary party!