All to the General Strike!

After October 1: No Steps Behind! Proclamation of the Catalan Republic Now! Immediate Approval of a Social Emergency Plan!


The bravery and determination of the Catalonian people not only guaranteed the referendum as it inflicted a harsh defeat to a regime incompatible with freedom, which tried to avoid the referendum by using the police force of occupation. A true popular upraise took place in every electoral college of the cities and towns, and it protected and ensured the referendum; it made possible for the people to vote and decide.By Corrent Roig.

The Catalan people complied: it occupied most of the electoral colleges, it ensured and guarded the lists and polls, it guaranteed the safety and access to the schools, and under extreme conditions, it voted massively.
Now, it is the time of the Govern and the Parlament of complying with the people’s mandate and proclaim the Catalan Republic immediately.
The struggle for the Catalan Republic is inseparable from the struggle for a social emergency plan that responds to the most urgent needs of the working people. We have to mobilize to ensure that the Catalan Republic is proclaimed, and for its first measures to be: to derogate the labor reforms of the PP and the PSOE; minimum wage of 1000 €; dignified pensions guaranteed by the budgets; to take back the cuts; derogation of the LOMCE or prohibition of evictions. These are some of the urgent measures that the Catalan Republic has to face.
To respond to the regime’s repression, to ensure the proclamation of the Catalan Republic, and for this one to be a sovereign, social Catalan Republic that answers to the working people, we need to stop on October 3, building the General Strike from the assemblies and companies’ committees.
Derogation of the labor reforms! Dignified minimum wage! Dignified pensions covered by the budgets! Derogation of the LOMCE!


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