The Saudi-led military coalition shelled the Dahyan Market in the city of Saada, Yemen, last August 9, 2018.

By Fabio Bosco
August 15, 2018

51 people died including 40 children who were in a school bus.
Other 56 children out of 79 people were injured.

The funeral was carried out on August 13.
Saudi authorities stated that it was a legitimate military operation carried out in accordance with International Humanitarian Law.

They said their targets were missile launchers employed to bombard Jizan city in Saudi Arabia which killed one Yemeni citizen.

The operation was broadly repudiated.

UNICEF formally protested and the UN demanded probing.
American bomb Raytheon Mark-82 fragments were found on the site.

That bomb weighs 500 pounds (around 225 kg).
It was dropped on a funeral in 2016 where 140 people were killed.

Another relevant info is about the relationship between the organization AQAP (Al-Qaeda in the Arabic Peninsula) and the Saudi-led coalition backed by the U.S.

The Associated Press (AP) brought the results of their investigation last August 6 exposing a serie of agreements between them, including payment for AQAP to leave some areas bringing their weaponry and the recruitment of hundreds of AQAP members for Saudi-led coalition war efforts against the Houthis.

Their report points out that the U.S. administration is aware of all those agreements and has suspended drone attacks against AQAP.

At last, the UN is calling peace negociations to be held in Geneve on September 6, 2018.

A provisional government and military de-escalation are on the agenda  although the U.S., the most influential country in the U.N., support the coalition offensive which started on March 2015.

The Saudi have already carried out 16,000 strikes.
More than 10,000 were killed and 2 millions are injured.

Any fair solution starts from the termination of Saudi aggression and the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces.

Then the Yemeni will be able to exercise their legitimate right for self-determination.