We repudiate the prison exemption refusal to Sebastián Romero


From the PSTU, we repudiate the decision of the Court of Cassation of rejecting the request of prison exemption to our comrade Sebastián Romero.
The judges Gustavo Hornos and Ana María Figueroa, from Division I of the Court of Cassation, are acting like the judicial arm of the political persecution of Sebastián Romero. So do Judge Torres and the Division II of the Criminal and Correctional Chamber, which denied the previous requests.
This persecution is in the frame of a repressive escalade by Macri’s government and his accomplices, aiming to stop, through repression, the workers and people’s resistance against his plan of misery and adjustment.
We call all political, social and Human Rights organizations to repudiate this decision, as well as the political persecution of our comrade Sebastián.
By persecuting him, they try to intimidate and scare workers as a whole so we do not fight back. But the massive demonstrations in Rio Turbio, Azul, on Feb 21 and March 8, show that they will not scare us.
On March 24, 42-year anniversary of the military coup, we need to occupy every street in the country against repression, and force a sentence from this justice that serves the rich – as well as the repelling of house arrest to Etchecolatz, freedom for all political prisoners, and an end to the persecution of all activists.
We need to stay on the streets until Bullrich leaves, and for Out with Macri and all his accomplices, just like we did with De La Rua in 2001.
End the persecution of Sebastián Romero!
End the persecution of Dimas Ponce, César Arakaki, and all activists!
Free the D14 political prisoners!
Freedom to Milagro Sala and Jones Huala!
Down with the Chocobar doctrine![1]
End the trigger-happy policy!
Out with Bullrich!
Out with Macri!
On March 24, let’s occupy the streets and squares of the country against the repression, the adjustment, and Macri and his accomplices’ impunity!
[1] Luis Chocobar was a police officer that brutally killed a thief. After the fact, Macri sent a congratulations note to the Police Force, authorizing them to kill even if their life is not at risk. Like this, they set a precedent currently known as the Chocobar Doctrine, which is basically the permission to kill at will.


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