Fri Jul 12, 2024
July 12, 2024

We reject any foreign military intervention in Haiti!

The Haitian people have been carrying out a real social rebellion for weeks now, due to the unsustainable living situation of the majority of the population, with rising fuel and food prices, enormous corruption and violence.

Statement by International Workers League

In another text [1] we describe in detail the Haitian context that led to the current social explosion. In recent weeks, the situation in the country’s capital has worsened further with a new cholera outbreak that threatens to quickly turn into an epidemic. It is worth remembering that cholera was reintroduced to the country a few years ago by UN troops and caused the death of more than 10,000 people after being eradicated for decades.

The Haitian government is holding power by a whisker for several weeks and is demanding a new military intervention by the U.S. and the UN. They know that the weak (but very violent) Haitian police are not enough to contain the popular uprising and the armed criminal gangs that have taken over parts of Port-au-Prince, such as the main unloading terminal for petroleum products, the Verreaux terminal. The situation of the army is similar, as Haiti’s military is just being rebuilt after being disbanded in the 1990s on the orders of the United States.

At the last UN Security Council meeting (17/10) the issue was discussed, but there is still no agreement on a new military intervention, [2] although there is one by all countries to implement economic sanctions against the leaders of criminal gangs, such as Barbecue (Jimmy Chérizier of the G9). Russia and China have raised questions about the effectiveness of a new occupation, which could further increase social unrest and opposition to the government. For its part, the United States has proposed a different solution, a swift and precise military intervention, without the UN, to support the Haitian government and police. In the coming days, there will probably be a decision. The UN still maintains civilian and military personnel (in small numbers) in the country.

The rejection of a new occupation is quite broad among the Haitian people. On the 17th of October, while the UN was discussing a new intervention, a big demonstration called by the Pitit Dessalines party (a bourgeois-nationalist party) took to the streets of Port-au-Prince to protest against that possibility. [3] Recently, a communiqué was also published by the Workers’ Political Struggle Platform (KLPT), where the comrades of Batay Ouvriyé are based, rejecting a new military occupation.

The International Workers League is totally against a new military occupation, either by the UN or by the United States in coalition with other countries. The Haitian people have the right to national sovereignty and to solve their own problems and crises. We call on all working-class entities: unions, parties and social movements to manifest categorically against any military intervention in Haiti.

We also support all the initiatives arising from the working class and the Haitian people that seek to recover the sovereignty of the country, remove Ariel Henry from the presidency of the country and seek a solution that passes through the power of the working class, the people and the farmers. More than ever, it is necessary to organise democratically and with self-defence, to confront state repression, imperialism and the armed criminal gangs that are at the service of sectors of the Haitian business class.

All solidarity with the Haitian people!

UN out of Haiti! We reject a new foreign military occupation of Haiti!

Out with Ariel Henrique! All power to the Haitian working class and the people!





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