Urgent: attempt against Sebastián Romero’s lawyer


From the PSTU, we denounce the attempt suffered by Martín Alderete, Sebatián Romero’s lawyer, on the morning of January 15. Someone broke his car window and introduced a thunderflash that burnt the car partially.
By PSTU Argentina.
This can only be understood as a new attempt of intimidation to Sebastián Romero’s cause. We demand immediate investigation and clarification of the event, and we make Macri’s government responsible for the physical and psychological integrity of Martín Alderete and his family.
National and international solidarity is more urgent than ever before this attempt.
Stop persecuting and intimidating! Clarification and punishment to the ones responsible for this! Freedom for César Arakaki, Dimas Ponce, and all political prisoners! Stop persecuting Sebastián Romero and all activists!


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