A popular rebellion has begun in Nicaragua, a people that, when they fight, they take it seriously.

By Roberto Herrera, PT -Costa Rica.


Illiterate my people, half a century in rebellion,” said the poet. The Nicaraguan people did not participate in the popular uprising that shook Central America at the beginning of the 21st century nor at the beginning of this decade, but finally, they have entered the scene, as always through, the big door of popular resistance.

The fighting temperament of Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans are different. The popular movement in Costa Rica, even when it is effective, always seems slow, the results take longer, the resistance lasts over time. The history of Nicaraguan people is explosive, sometimes it does not win, sometimes it loses, but it always has big plans Few peoples have as many medals on their chest as Nicaraguans and few have faced defeats as bitter as them.

The current popular rebellion has been brewing for the last two years – at least. In the anti-canal struggle, women’s struggle, against fraud and venality. Now, with the fight against the INSS pension reform, it reached a tipping point.

Due to its characteristics, it relates to other youth and democratic struggles, such as the Arab revolutions and the demonstrations against Nicolás Maduro. Today, Congressmen and the Sandinista government – enriched and corrupt, repress their own people with bullets and mobs. It will not be long before rumors about “the right” and “imperialism” are placed behind these mobilizations. Vile slander is a substantial part of authoritarian regimes. It was with Somoza and it is with Ortega.

This popular uprising relates to our country and struggle, much more because half a million Nicaraguans live in Costa Rica without any social and political rights. A hidden base that supports both the “export economy miracle” and Costa Rican “exceptional democracy”. Hasn’t the fight to defend CCSS also been the cornerstone of struggles in Costa Rica? Is it not the fight against corruption and authoritarianism part of our struggle? It is urgent to surround the struggle in Nicaragua with solidarity, as we did in 1977-1978. It is urgent that, on April 25 and May 1, the flags of both countries’ struggles wave together beyond borders.