Solidarity with the French working class!


Solidarity with the striking railway workers and all those striking to defend public services and jobs

From 3 April for three months strikes, rallies and demonstrations are and will take place in France including: railway stations, hospitals, post offices, employment centers, schools, etc.
By Martin Ralph

French strike with Sud rail opposed by police

The Solidaires union federation, that is an important part of the International Network of Solidarity and Struggle, that met in Madrid at the end of January says: Public Service has filed an unlimited strike notice for the entire Public Service from April 3 to cover all initiatives of convergence and strikes.
One of its section Sud Rail was prominent in many of the UK TV stations broadcasts on the strikes of the strikes.
Macron you’re derailed

“We know that to win, we must strengthen each mobilization to make them the most massive and visible. It is also necessary to create bridges between the workers and the users. As well as it is the general assemblies of strikers who must decide on the actions and strikes, we must bring the whole population into the defense and the improvement of the public services, our common property.”
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