The PSTU repudiates the shots by extreme-right groups against the PT convoy on March 27. We repudiate these groups’ attacks and physical aggression, and we demand investigation and punishment for the ones responsible.

By PSTU National Leadership.


We have no political agreement at all with the PT and Lula’s campaign throughout the country. It began in the North-East of the country, next to known figures from the MDB and well-known colonels like Renan Calheiros.

The speech of “defense of democracy” is a badly-disguised electoral campaign of the PT program. Unlike other left sectors, we do not adhere to this “broad front” whose goals are purely electoral, in favor of a program that is more of the same – of the previous and current governments.

There was no “coup” against the PT administration. There were, though, several coups against workers: from the tax adjustment that began in Dilma’s term to the several attacks under Temer’s presidency. Lula’s electoral campaign defends a re-issue of such program and project.

We do not agree, either, with “left” sectors that think that Lula should not be investigated or tried for corruption. Guaranteeing his right of defense, he has to be, yes, investigated and tried. Before this, we do not participate in events “in defense of democracy” neither in defense of Lula.

Nevertheless, the PT has the right to demonstrate, as anyone else in the country. In this regard, they have the right to carry out actions, including those that we do not make part of and whose goals we completely reject.

We will not be connivent with actions and attempts of repressing the right of free demonstration. Extreme-right wing groups, “fascist-like” and linked to Bolsonaro, the MBL, Revoltados Online, etc.; those who use physical violence, must be strongly rejected, just like gunmen and para-military forces that attack activists.

We repudiate any attack to political, social and even cultural manifestations, like the one that took place recently at the Queermuseu [Queer Museum] in Porto Alegre.

From this point of view, we reinforce our repudiation and demand immediate investigation and punishment to the executors of the shots against the convoy. Furthermore, we consider that the sectors that have their right to free manifestation repressed or attacked have full right to self-defense, even more if we talk about segments of the mass’ movement.