On January 20, 2018, in Los Angeles California, “Corriente Obrera” participated in “Women’s March” along with over 500,000 people. We reproduce the comrades’ flier.

The Rights of Women, of the 11 million “undocumented”, DACA and TPS; Will only be achieved with an organized fight and in the streets!

Elections are a distorted political mechanism designed to pretend that we live in a democratic social system and to make the population believe that they are participants in the election of the rulers. “When a lie is repeated a thousand times it becomes true”, that is what the two corporate parties in the government have done and repeat: “that your vote is your voice and that with your vote you choose who will govern the country.”

For that reason, we say that the Democratic Party is not an ally of the workers, the poor, or immigrants. The Democratic / Republican Parties are two sides of the same coin, cynically the Democrats claim to be defenders of workers rights, of the poor and immigrants, but in reality, they do nothing but use us for their political-electoral purposes. And when they come to power they forget their promises.

The Democrats were in power, with the Obama administration for 8 years, and they never solved the problem of the undocumented population, on the contrary, Obama earned the nickname: “Deporter in Chief”: deporting more than two million and separated thousands of families.

The Trump government today relies on the laws left by Obama, and promotes a fierce and heartless attack against immigrants and the poor in general, attacks working class women and African-Americans, as manifested in the comments that he recently issued by using derogatory and obscene phrases when referring to immigrants from Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador.

We need to create a broad alliance to defeat the Trump government’s program and get him out of power once and for all. Today more than ever, it is necessary to unify the struggles for working women, the African-American population, and immigrants.

“Corriente Obrera” believes it is necessary to organize ourselves in resistance committees to face Trump’s attacks. It is necessary to create these committees in our neighborhoods, schools, churches, colleges/universities, workplaces, as we also believe it is necessary to unify our struggles with organized sectors in unions and with the African-American population. We make an emphatic call to those organizations that claim to be defenders of the immigrant population, to break with the Democratic Party and fight together for an independent alternative.

We are for the defense of the DACA program in the same way we defend the TPS programs, but we refuse to be divided and we raise the slogan of the immediate legalization of the eleven million immigrants.

To achieve the rights of working women, to protect DACA, the different TPS and achieve immigration reform for the 11 million immigrants it will be necessary to organize ourselves to fight, but independent of all Democratic / Republican influence; with massive mobilizations in the streets; strikes in unison with the working class, immigrant and independent population, able to confront the government and win our struggles demands.

Unity to fight and get Trump Out!

Zero Confidence in the Democratic Party!

No to family Separation!

For family reunification!

Stop the raids! Stop police brutality!

For a Just and Humane immigration reform for the 11 million undocumented immigrants!

For a Solution and respect for those who are in DACA and TPS!

Only organized and with massive mobilizations, we will be able to advance the struggles!

The right to have rights is earned through organization and struggle!

United We’ll overcome!