Mobilization in Repudiation of Trump’s Infamy against Children!

No Human Being is Illegal!


Immigrants’ children caged in the US border

We consider Donald Trump’s recent measure unacceptable. With this method, he has separated over 2 thousand children from their parents or tutors in the last 6 weeks, only. The juvenile detention centers where minors and children are secluded are collapsing, and so some of them are being held in an old WalMart, in Texas.
By CST-México.
In blackmailing tone, the magnate Donald Trump declared “I hate the children being taken away,” pushing to pass a general law on migration. The Republican Party, which is divided, is presenting two different Bill Projects. One of them, although supporting Trump’s demands and including a fund of 25 thousand million dollars to finish the border wall, presents an explicit correction regarding not arrested minors entering the country cannot be separated from their parents.
Trump accused once again, on last Monday, the undocumented immigrants of being the reason of the US “death and destruction,” as “ [they] are thieves and murderers” and many other things. He insisted on the necessity of changing migratory laws to guarantee that those who enter the country do it “based on merit” and not to allow migration for family bonds. He argues that he does not want the US to become “a refugees’ camp,” cynically blaming the migrant parents and his political opponents for the current situation. However… how many times did the US troops stamped their passports to “bring democracy” to several countries that never invited them?

In midst of the greatest migratory crisis since WWII, we must defend not only the right to shelter to all affected ones as we must denounce the escalade of barbarianism as a result of one of the worst imperialist capitalism crisis, in process of decomposition.
Yet, capitalism will not collapse on its own. It is necessary to unmask such cruel, hypocrite measures that blame the exploited and oppressed ones for the international bourgeois crisis – those who before a desperate situation find, as their only possibility, fly away carrying their loved ones, and so become vulnerable in their sole attempt to survive.
From the CST – Mexico, we propose to mobilize to defeat this new infamy by the Trump government. We do not trust the Peña Nieto government nor his chancellor Videgaray, who declared to be “outraged” before the fact but did not respond proportionally to the attacks carried out by their imperialist lord. They continue to hand over our country. Furthermore, they act like Trump’s gendarme, chasing and detaining Central American immigrants that try to reach the US through Mexico. They even proposed to raise a wall to separate from Guatemala, as part of the “South Frontier” agreements.
Thus, it is disgraceful that the Presidential Candidate AMLO [Andrés Manuel López Obrador,] to “stop this repressive, racist, inhuman action” does not call to mobilize all of their millions of followers and just proposes Peña Nieto to “work together” to send a diplomatic letter to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
From our modest organization, we call conscious workers and workers’ organizations, like the CNTE, UNT, SME, UNT and PP – as well as bodies in defense of the land and against territorial evictions, youth, feminists and all activists against oppression and combative sectors to unite and mobilize to repudiate Trump’s repressive barbarianism against immigrants and for the defense of the right to migrate, and mainly, to have dignified living conditions to stay in our own land.


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