Fri Aug 12, 2022
August 12, 2022

Letter from Daniel Ruiz after 7 months as a political prisoner

We share the letter of Comrade Daniel Ruiz, 7 months of being in prison for facing Macri’s government.

Marcos Paz Prison 04/09/2019
200 days of prison
200 days of resistance

Down with the IMF’s economic plan!

Almost 7 months after my arrest, the reasons why I went to fight that December 18, 2017 are in plain sight, on that day hundreds of thousands  went out on the streets against pension reform and the fiscal pact, the consequences remain for retirees and workers, hunger and prison, persecution but nothing has been the same since that day, hunger and misery strikes harder in every home.

CEO’s, businessmen descendants and oligarchs government  wanted 10 years of “change” but despite the blows received,  people fight back and with it has rejected with repudiation the mismanagement of Macri and Bullrich.

While they used all the state’s power  to demonize the fighters and opponents, today things are turning around , while employers are beginning to turn their backs on the government. The workers want to impose a general strike, but along with it, the signs of support with political prisoners grows in the same way as the repudiation of this government.

Retirees, war veterans, pensioners are having a hard time, young people, women, the working and popular class cannot stand the economic measures of the IMF and  multinationals any more.

We must put a stop to it now, build a workers’ and people’s way out.As a socialist, I think we need a new revolution, as in May 1810, we also need to free ourselves from the clutches of imperialism that plunders us.Today in prison I can see in person that life is worth nothing for the government, that is why there is prison overpopulation, inhumane conditions and harassment.

Despite the confinement we have a lot to fight for, grateful for the support and national and international solidarity, of my comrades of the IWL, of my family and friends, of my lawyers and especially to my Patagonia oilmen friends who taught me to resist with dignity.Without forgetting my daughter, for her I will fight for a fair and solidarity world, with fraternity and development, without oppression or exploitation, for you Sofia I will stand strong, resisting until victory .

Long live the rebellious Patagonia !

Daniel RuizCelda 5506, Marcos Paz Prison!

Free all political prisoners!

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