Let's continue on the streets to impose safe, legal and free abortion!

debate por el aborto , Plaza del Congreso foto MARCELO CARROLL

Through mobilization, we achieved a great advance. The immense mobilizations, school occupations, and women undertaking all-night vigils outside the Congress imposed a stand for the right to abortion on the Argentinian congressmen. The possibility to legalize abortion in our country is a great advance for women, especially working and poor women who die from clandestine abortions.
By PSTU-Argentina.
The legalization of abortion, with hygiene and health conditions, and free in hospitals is still a task to be fulfilled. A right we must impose through mobilization along with all the working class.
Several representatives who voted against the retired people and who approved repression in December, now due to the struggle, they have voted in favor of the bill presented by the political block along with the National Campaign for the Right to Abortion as an electoral lever. Therefore, we must continue to distrust this den of thieves, the parliament, and strengthen the struggle in the streets.

School Occupations

Although Macri wanted to seem democratic by allowing the discussion, or saying he would not veto the bill, he is the main enemy of this right. The government is making cuts, closing down hospitals, firing doctors and health employees, and cutting supply budget. He is attacking public education, stopping sexual education in schools, and does not guarantee access to free birth control, already free by law. Macri destines minimum budget to fight male chauvinistic violence, while women and girls continue to be raped. Macri made an agreement with the IMF, compromising our public health and education. In other words, he is ending the possibility of applying the law in case the bill is adopted.
From the PSTU and Lucha Mujer (Women, Fight) we are pushing for legal abortion. We went to the streets and today we joined all fighting women in joy despite the cold weather, but we insist, to guarantee the right we must fight along with all the working class. If the CGT strikes on the 25, it must also be for the right to legal, safe and free abortion! The leaderships that hesitate to face the government and delay the general strike are forced to include this right in their agenda. They cannot leave us alone in this fight as they did in 8M. To overcome the limits of the bill, to impose legal abortion, workers must fight the cuts, overthrow the hunger plan and force the ousting of Macri and the IMF, so that the workers, the only ones who can guarantee women’s rights, may rule.


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