Central Americans take part in a huge demonstration to immigrate to America.
By CSP Conlutas Communication Workgroup
The Hondurans started the protest on October 13 which was joined by Salvadorans and Guatemalans.
Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Americas. 64% of the families are very poor. They face criminal gangs which collect the socalled “war tax” through violent means. They live under a dictatorship led by “Juan Orlando Hernandez” who is in power through electoral fraud in 2017.
Violence and Poverty are driving them away.
Last weekend five thousand immigrants crossed the Mexican border from Guatemala by any means necessary and Mexicans are joining the demonstration.
President Donald Trump announced that he was moving troops to the border to prevent immigrants from crossing.
Today there is a record of immigrants fleeing poverty, dictatorships and wars across the globe. Despite of the fact America and Europe are behind exploitation and oppression, their governments don’t want to allow immigrants in. Their stand for an American and European Fortresses.
CSP-Conlutas stands in solidarity with the immigrants and demands all countries to open their borders. No human being is illegal.