Sat Feb 24, 2024
February 24, 2024

Join the Marches! Unity in Struggle! Silence is Violence!

“You can’t have capitalism without racism”

International Socialist League leaflet

After George Floyd’s death and 400 years of a “knee on our neck”, hatred of governments, police and symbols of inequality and oppression has burst out onto the streets. The diversity of the Black-led protests appeared across the world in unprecedented numbers with rising militancy.

COVID-19 starkly highlighted the deathly impact of discrimination as BAME essential workers died in far higher numbers than should have. It showed everyone what it means to feel the weight of institutional racism every day. It also showed what it means to live in poor communities and Care Homes.

BAME people and workers face the everlasting brutality of capitalism under all UK governments. It comes from centuries of racist ideology interwoven with all capitalist structures and designed to justify the pillage and rape for slave labour, raw materials and markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Their statues glorify their past to continue the same process today in Africa, Iraq or wherever they decide the next war should be – never-ending since 1945. And they kill BAME people in the UK too.

Dying for Justice by Institute of Race Relation gives the background on 509 BAME people (an average of twenty-two per year), refugees and migrant communities who have died between 1991-2014 in suspicious circumstances which implicates the police, prison authorities or immigration detention officers. The UK is the same as the USA for police are brutal, and murderers and they have impunity.


No capitalism without racism

Racism cannot end unless capitalism ends, and in Africa and Asia, for example, their suffering cannot end without ending imperialism.

Malcolm X said, “You can’t have capitalism without racism”. Only a united struggle of workers with BAME people can destroy racism in the battle to end discrimination.

The hostile environment, the Windrush scandal all the deportations and the detention centres that hit so many BAME people show their governments make a continuous war against those already suffering discrimination. And they trumpet the fact.


Unify and join the marches

We say to all workers, youth and trade unions support the Black-led demonstrations to build a united movement of action to defeat racism and the Tories.

We have to set our eyes on mass struggle and aim to destroy all vestiges of racism. We call for unity with all anti-racist and working class tendencies and political organisations to raising their banners, building the most prominent possible marches in every location.

We are very critical of trade union leaderships because while many, perhaps all, unions have passed motions in support of Black Lives Matter, they do not act. We say all should support and ensure their banners appear while exercising safety and social distancing.

The fascist forces are mobilising. They are much smaller than the anti-racist demonstrations, but they pose a threat to all. We need to face any fascist threat together.

We need to build self-defence of the marches; we must repel every attack.

BAME people and workers are under threat. COVID-19 will not go away with this government’s stupidity and reliance on private business.

To unite all against the attacks on jobs, housing and education, we need an anti-capitalist programme that fights for equality against all oppression.

Support Black Lives Matter struggle

Unions and youth mobilise to support the BAME struggles




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