We are organizations, international processes and movements, national and regional, of the working people, peasants, natives, Afro-descendants, feminists, retired, immigrants, students, defenders of the people’s rights, defenders of the environment, common goods and climatic justice, and defenders of the rights of childhood and gender, among others, who fight the advance of Capital over our lives, bodies and territories from our different bodies and standings. We call all peoples and movements of the world to mobilize in Argentina and all our countries on November 30, 2018, and to join the Week of Action against the G-10, the IMF and their agenda of domination on November 25-December 1.

Between November 30 and December 1, the G-20 Summit will take place in the South American country, where the Chiefs of State of the member countries and bodies will discuss transcendental issues, including the state of world economy, the future of labor and food, and infrastructure for development.

Those of us, who know that this type of enclaves work to determine new forms of exploitations of the life of our peoples, express our rejection to this Summit, which comes to reinforce the brutal setback imposed by Mauricio Macri in his country and intends to extend it throughout the region and the world. Today, Argentina is a lab for liberalization, debt and privatization policies pushed by the G-20, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others, which have jeopardized the future of the country and condemned millions of workers and their families to exclusion and misery.

The G-20 Summit groups the most powerful countries of the world and the “emerging” ones, and works based on the legitimacy it claims due to its size and power. It will work as a new platform to push public policies against the international achievements in human rights, peace, sovereignty of the peoples, environmental and labor rights, among others. The neoliberal capitalist offensive consolidates through this forum, and leads to impoverishment, hunger, exclusion and repression of the social majorities, undermining the possibilities of democracy and perpetuating impunity in service of transnational corporations. For this, it is our duty to express firmly against it, highlighting the urgency and possibility of real alternatives.

We cannot allow the future of our labor rights, social security, public and free education and health, food sovereignty, and the integrity of our lands to remain in the hands of the elites that despise our people and profit from our precarious situations resulting from their decisions. It is our future, that of the new generations of all the people and the life on this planet which are at stake.

For these reasons, we call to mobilize. We summon all the peoples and their organizations, united in diversity, to demonstrate that we do not accept the policies pushed and applied by the G-20, and we will work with solidarity between countries and specificities to self-determine our future, and face the impositions from the powerful economic and military elites. Before the fierce advancement that intends to achieve complete domination over our lives, we must give a firm global answer based on the right to protest, which they have wanted to disregard, to repress and deny the legitimate expression of our resistance.

For a world without domination of transnational corporations and their model of trade liberalization and debt. For a world that respects the rights of the people and nature, and enables the building of democratic alternatives based on our sovereignty and integration as peoples. We call to participate in the great Week of Action from 11/25 to 12/1 and to mobilize in Argentina and all around the world on November 30th against the G-20 and the IMF.

Out with the G-20-IMF Convergence

Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism