Free Kadir Çinar!


Our comrade, Trotskyist and militant in Turkey, was detained by the police in a local action on April 29, 2018, in his house. He was imprisoned with no reasons nor proofs. The criminal trial that sentenced him to prison just mentions that the police motive was our comrade’s activity and share content in the social networks.
By Ersan Torulmaz.
With a final sentence on May 2, 2018, for “secret reasons,” he was hunted and slandered as other comrades and militants by Turkey, without any rights.

A young Turkish unionist detained and imprisoned

Kadir Çunar, young Trotskyist and unionist from Turkey, is one more victim of the “witch-hunting” in Turkey, taken ahead by the Judiciary with the help of the truculent police since 2006/2007. Countless imprisonments and detentions in mass were ordered by the current government of Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party.
With the seizing of power in 2002, the AKP and its president Erdogan quickly began to impose a totalitarian and oppressor state, with the support of the US and European imperialism. He became a true dictator and turned Turkey into a country without law, ruled with iron fists and “urgent” decrees without any representation from the people.
The police action in our comrade’s house, on April 29, happened without any proof or legal authorization. He was first detained for two days with no rights. The police took it to trial, where he was interrogated and, eventually, sentenced, with base in his activity and shared content in the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They even classified the rest of the sentence’s bases as “secret”, given the unfounded content of the accusations.
Neither his lawyers nor the media can find out or get information about the content of the dossier and the decision to sentence him. Our comrade is still in jail, and we protest against this arbitrary, criminal measure by the government.
Kardir Çinar is a worker, he cooks in a restaurant in Bursa, an industrial city in Turkey, in the region of Marmara. We raise in solidarity with our comrade and call all workers and revolutionaries to manifest and raise in solidarity with us.


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