The imperialist maneuver by Guaidó and Trump, in the form of “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela, marks the 23 as a key moment.


Guaidó is seizing the desperation of the Venezuelan masses to hypocritically claim for imperialism’s “aid”. Trump sent this aid in military aircrafts. The far right administrations, like Duque in Colombia and Bolsonaro in Brazil, directly cooperate in this maneuver, including military support.

Imperialism is not “humanitarian” at all. Misery around the world is direct responsibility of imperialist multi-nationals and their governments. Trump directly supports the massacre of the Palestinians by the Israel State, just as it supported the coup d’état in Honduras. He speaks against Maduro, but he shuts down the USA frontier with troops to stop the entrance of the Latino migrant caravan. The “humanitarian action” of imperialism in Haiti actually covered 13 years of military occupation by the Minustah, with the support of the PT Brazilian government at the time.

This maneuver of Guaidó-Trump has the objective to force the break of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and Maduro’s ousting.

The initial objective of Trump-Guaidó is not direct military invasion, which could lead to a civil war. The combination of military pressure with the “humanitarian” farce is to force the renunciation of Maduro, or to generate a division in the Venezuelan army and overthrow Maduro. However, imperialism does not exclude the possibility of a direct military intervention.

On the other hand, Maduro cynically states that Venezuela does not need humanitarian aid. This is a lie. The years of brutal economic crisis led the country to a very serious situation, of hyperinflation and shortages. Desperation rules among the Venezuelan people, without foods or medicines. The boli-burgeoisie – a sector of the bourgeoisie that emerged and grew in the shadow of the Venezuelan State -, which Maduro represents, is responsible for the current crisis. They live as rich; hunger does not exist for them.

We stand for the Venezuelan masses to overthrow Maduro’s murderer and corrupt dictatorship. The heroic Venezuelan people, who already defeated an imperialist coup, stand in the streets today to overthrow Maduro. We participate in the demonstrations against the government and we push for them to turn into an insurrectional general strike to end the dictatorship. Guaidó and Trump do not want the masses to overthrow Maduro because it could escape their control.

We denunciate the Guaidó-Trump maneuver. The fall of Maduro in the hands of imperialism will not solve the situation of the Venezuelan masses. The capitalist and imperialist exploitation will remain. Repression against the Venezuelan people will continue.

We do not want a change in employers, a simple change of dictators. We want to end with the exploitation and repression of the Venezuelan people.

We say, Out with Maduro! And at the same time, Out with imperialism from Venezuela! Neither Maduro nor Guaidó!

Venezuela needs a deep change that must begin with humanitarian help, but must not end there. To end misery in Venezuela, it is necessary to overthrow Maduro and form a workers’ government that will break with imperialism, stop the foreign debt payment and set the economy and production of the country in service of satisfying the needs of the population.

Humanitarian aid must come from the workers of the entire world for the workers of Venezuela. Without Trump’s, Duque’s or Bolsonaro’s control. Without Maduro’s control. We call on the unions and organizations around the world to denunciate Guaidó and Trump’s maneuver. We call on the unions and social organizations of Venezuelan workers to organize the support of this people who have suffered much.

Out with imperialism from Venezuela!

No to the Guaidó-Trump maneuver!

Out with Maduro!

For a workers’ government in Venezuela that breaks with imperialism!

All the solidarity of the workers with the Venezuelan people!