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May 22, 2024

D18 on Trial | We Will Accuse Them

Last Monday, December 2, the defense team of our comrade Daniel Ruíz, taken ahead by Martín Alderete, from CADEP, and Mario Villareal, from the PSTU, presented a request for the annulment of the trial as far as what is actually on trial is the right to protest.

By PSTU-Argentina

To take this farce ahead, the prosecutor elaborated an accusation piece full of irregularities in which Daniel’s behavior is never detailed.

The accusation violates Daniel’s right of defense, as it talks about a premeditated action of thousands of people that would have organized criminally to generate riots in the frame of a demonstration, although no names, methods or facts are mentioned at any point.

Daniel’s defense, for over forty minutes, mentioned a countless number of juridical points that exposed the political intention of this trial, as well as they denunciated the interference of then-president Macri in the spheres of the judicial power, having the goal of politically persecuting his opponents.

Having no firm arguments to accuse Daniel, we are participating in a trial without any legitimacy. The prosecutor wants to attack the workers’ right to struggle and defend themselves.

The court rejects the nullity request

The request was rejected by the Court on the grounds of a series of absurd arguments. First, they say that it should have been requested before when the request was actually made at the second hearing – so it was presented in proper time and place. Then, the Federal Tribunal TOF 3 (Tribunal Oral Federal) moves forward with the political arguments of the case, showing its real face.

They say that Daniel is accused of crimes like civil disobedience, and they also state that there are no proofs of Government’s interference in the Justice, but as Martín Alderete pointed out in the request for nullity, there are no details of the crime of which Daniel is being accused, and the harassment in Court by political reasons have been systematic during Macri’s entire term. There are many examples, like Milagros Salas, Jones Huala, Luis D’Elia, etc.

Against the trial-farce, we accuse them!

On Monday 16, at the third hearing of the trial, it is Daniel’s turn to declare. From his city, Comodoro Rivadavia, and by video-conference, our comrade will denounce the regime and its institutions. As he pointed out in the opening event of the trial, the Judiciary Power is prepared to defend the rich ones and attack workers, even more when workers fight in defense of their rights. We believe there is no crime to accuse Daniel Ruíz and César Arakaki against. The ones that committed a crime on December 18 were the parliamentarians that materialized the scam to our elders, as well as the repressive forces, which attacked the demonstrators for several hours. In the frame of this denounce to the capitalist State, which persecutes workers, we will request Daniel and César to be declared non-guilty. We do not want any worker in jail, persecuted or tried for struggling. This is our party’s commitment, of using this trial-farce to denounce them back – the ones that generate misery, hunger, and unemployment. They are guilty! Workers have the right to fight for a qualitatively superior society.


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