Continue the struggle until the dictatorship falls


April 18 opened with a series of protests against the Executive Decree that reformed the INSS (Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security). From the beginning, the protests were harshly repressed by Daniel Ortega and Rosario “Chayo” Murillo’s government. In a few days, the struggle quickly became an authentic popular rebellion against the government and the slogan “Down with Ortega!” became massive.
By PT-Costa Rica.
Today, the political crisis is still open and the government is trying to demobilize the struggle to guarantee its continuation. The hierarchy of the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference (CEN) and the businessmen gathered in the COSEP (Superior Council of Private Enterprise) propose a national dialogue but avoid to pose the immediate leave of the Ortega family. This call to negotiation is nothing but a trap that allows the government to strengthen in power.
Ortega needs to demobilize the struggle, as Sandinismo cannot live with an active and independent mass movement. He needs to crush the movement, and so he will use all his centralized strength to defeat it and end any trace of this heroic struggle. Today, the main and only guarantee is to continue with the struggle until the dictator falls, together with his breed.

In Nicaragua, not only the future of the dictatorship is at stake but also the possibility of an ascent of struggles in the entire Central American region. The process develops linked to the struggle of the Honduran people against the dictatorship of Juan Orlando Hernández, and linked in general with the struggles of all of our peoples against the imperialist plans that aim to charge the crisis on workers’ backs.
From the PT and the IWL-FI, we supported the Nicaraguan upraise since the beginning. To us, there is a dictatorship in Nicaragua today, and it must be overthrown by the people’s action in the streets.
In Nicaragua and Central America as a whole, we pose not only the fall of the dictatorships but the necessity of building a revolutionary party and proposing a workers’ governments, that ends the exploitation and oppression of the working class.
Immediately, it urges not only to follow the demonstrations and boost its development and national reach, but also to unify the struggles through democratic assemblies and popular councils that prepare the general strike, to stop the country until the Ortega-Murillo government falls.
We defend the fall of Ortega’s government in Nicaragua and to reach a Central America free of dictatorships, and we also pose the necessity of defeating all governments puppets of the IMF, the OECD and imperialism in the region, taking our peoples to misery. We especially pose the necessity of refounding Central America on true socialist bases, that end the exploitation and oppression our countries live in.
Down with the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship!
No dialogue with the dictatorship!
No trust in the COSEP!


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