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Special: Brazil

Middle East


The Crisis of the Central African Republic

The region of the current Central African Republic has been populated for millenniums. However, the French government and other imperialist countries built the frontiers...

General Strike in South Africa

Several cities in Sout Africa participate of the General Strike called by the South-African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) and the National Union of...

Issue 19 of the International Courier – Black Africa – available!

 We proudly present this new edition of International Courier dedicated to Black Africa. In the IWL webpage, ( we have published several articles on...

Russian Revolution


The rise and fall of Aneurin Bevan

Corbynism or modern day left- reformism can be traced back to Aneurin Bevan who oversaw the introduction of the National Health Service, in the...

The end of the peaceful road to revolution

After the defeat of the July Days (see the Russian Revolution Special), a major campaign of false accusations against the Bolsheviks and their leaders...