The year 2011 comes to an end. From the website of the IWL-FI we want to share a retrospective summary of articles and notes that were published over a year which is, no doubt, unforgettable.

A year marked by revolutions and strong demonstrations of the working class and the youth that, internationally, face starvation and adjustments plans that both, “democratic” and dictatorial governments, have attempted to impose, at the service of a capitalist system stuck in a brutal economic and political crisis.

Although it has started in late 2010, it was in 2011 that the impressive revolutionary process has fully developed shaking North Africa and the Middle East. This impressive revolutionary process has been currently advancing more and more and has already overthrown a number of bloody dictatorships that were, for decades, at the service of imperialism and Nazi-Zionist state of Israel. Thus, from our website, we have made every effort to highlight a significant amount of information and news, as well as several analysis and controversial debates on all popular revolutions that have occurred in these troubled regions, beginning with Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Palestine and other processes of mobilization, such as those that occurred even within Israel and in Bahrain.

Read the articles about the struggles in North of Africa and Middle East

Tunisia: For a complete victory of the Tunisian Intifada

Palestine: Arab revolution reaches Palestine

Libya: Support the Libyan people to overthrow Gadhafi! No to the NATO intervention

Libya: People in arms demolish Gadafi’s regime!

Egypt: Mubarak fell! Great triumph of the Revolution in Egypt!

Egypt: A revolution underway

Syria: In spite of the repression, the heroic struggle of the Syrian people accrues

In the same vein, we paid special attention to the working class and young people’s demonstrations and strikes that shook the European continent to fight back the brutal attacks on their historical rights and living standards by the local bourgeoisie and the imperialism as a whole, under this real social war that the capitalists of the world have unleashed against the peoples of the continent.

Read the articles about the struggles in Europe

Greece: The withdrawal of the Greek referendum and the crisis in the EU

Greece: The tip of the iceberg of the crisis in imperialist Europe

UK: English workers show their strength

Spain: The youth and people take the streets

Spain: Against the labor reform and the attack on Social Security

Similarly, we have tried to reflect the struggles that occurred in the United States, as the Wisconsin walkout and the Occupy Wall Street Movement…

Read the articles about the struggles in USA

USA: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy USA: tasks and perspectives

USA: Wisconsin and the Awakening of the American Working Class

USA: They got bailed out, we got sold out!

… And in Latin America.

Read the articles about the struggles in Latin America

Brazil: Students go on strike at University of São Paulo

Brazil: Dilma’s first six months. There’s nothing to celebrate but the struggles

Cuba: We summon you to surround Cuban toiling masses with your solidarity

Haiti: CSP – Conlutas starts a campaign for the end of the UN occupation troops in Haiti

Analytical and political monitoring of the capitalist economic crisis, the largest since 1929, which forms a background to the big demonstrations and revolutions we are witnessing in the world, was another of the outstanding issues that we also share in this retrospective.

Read the articles about the world economic crisis

Ten years after September 11

Behind the Scenes of the Debt Ceiling Theatre

Arab World – Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Crisis in the Europe of Capital 

Convinced that to begin next year well prepared to carry on and promote the battles ahead it is necessary to make a balance sheet of our present struggles, we hope that our readers find in this compilation a useful systematization of our analysis and positions on the main events of the world class struggle in this year which taught us very important lessons and made us much more experienced activists.