Since the first publication of the Top 10 stories posted on IWL-FI’s website, in 2011, they show an increasing interest of ours readers in the main scenarios of the world class struggles. This year is not different. 

Among the Top 10, three are related with the revolutions in the north of Africa and the Middle East, two on Egypt’s situation, expressing the contradictory way the revolution is advancing, after Morsi was toppled by the mass movement in conjunction with a military coup and now the fight against the new dictatorial government of the military regime. The other one talks about the Syrian revolution and the difficult struggle of the women for their rights.

Also in the Middle East, the Palestinian fight against Israel’s oppression is moving ahead with the success reached by the BDS Campaign all over the world, expressed in our list by two stories, one on the adhesion of the CSP-Conlutas to the Campaign and the other on Stephen Hawking’s refuse to participate in academic issues sponsored by Israel.

What was a surprise for us in 2011: the score reached by India’s class struggle stories can’t be considered so any more. This year, it placed three stories in the Top 10, on the general strike and on the protests that crossed the country against rapes, after a young woman had been brutally raped and assassinated by a gang in a bus.

The European economic crisis and the workers’ fight against the social war imposed on them by the Troika is the subject of the fourth most read story, written by Corriente Roja, the Spanish section of the IWL-FI.

Finally, we’d like to highlight the women’s question as one of the more important issues our website is covering and that has been correspondingly followed by our readers. In the Top 10 stories three are related to the fight against women’s oppression. The first and second ones, as said above, are against rapes in India and women’s struggle in Syria. The third is a major issue to all revolutionary organizations: their morals and the women’s oppression, a question raised after a militant of the British SWP accused of rape a national leader of that party.

The IWL website’s team wants to thank all our readers for their continuing support, which resulted in nearly 157,000 hits monthly (in four languages), with a peak of 250,669 hits in June. It represents an increase of more than 50% if compared to 2012.

1 – Brazil: BDS Campaign against Israel (CSP-Conlutas)

2 – Egypt: Tahrir roars against the new Pharaoh (Ronald León)

3 – India: The wave of protests against rapes in India (New Wave)

4 – Spain: The government of cuts and corruption must be toppled! (Corriente Roja)

5 – Egypt: Strong demonstrations against Morsi and the Military. The Egyptian revolution continues (Ronald León)

6 – India: All our support to the general strike! (New wave (B-L) and Communist League (Fourth Internationalist)) 

7 – Syria: Women in revolutionary Syria: Fighting for their rights (Sara al Suri)

8 – India: Report on the general strike (New Wave (B-L))

9 – Britain: Crisis in the SWP: revolutionary morals and struggle against women’s oppression at stake (Cecília Toledo)

10 – Palestine: Stephen Hawking joins academic boycott of Israel (Editor)