2011 is one of those years in which time moves faster, due to the amount of struggles and the masses’ activity level. In a few months, dictatorships that lasted for decades, and seemed to be eternal, have been swept away.

It wasn’t different in Europe; the “social contract” between European bourgeoisie and Stalinism, followed by the social democracy, exploded and the most organized and traditional working class in the world returned to the first stage and changed, in one year, the European scenario existent since World War 2.

Time also walked faster for the Left. “21st Century Socialism”, emerged from the halls of the World Social Forum, seemed indestructible and promised to fulfill the expectations of the reformist and Stalinist left (not to mention a number of “Trotskyist” groups) at least until the end of this century. However, the revolutions in Libya and Syria forced its leaders, the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez, to take a stand on the issue. The three came out decisively in defense of Qaddafi and Assad dictators, certainly looking in the mirror, and the prestige raised in many years began to slip through their fingers.

The top ten of the IWL website in this turbulent year show readers connected with this reality. The stories about the revolutions in Egypt and Libya are among them, as well as the controversy with the Castro brothers and the situation of the Cuban people, threatened by an economic plan that doesn’t owe anything to the most neoliberal government.

But the harsh economic situation of the U.S. topped the list, with a story about the debt ceiling crisis. An analysis on the death of Osama Bin Laden and the state terrorism carried out by the United States may also be found among the top ten.

A pleasant surprise – even to the site staff –is the score that the stories about the airports’ privatization in Brazil and the Kashmir struggle in India reached: they ranked 6th and 9th, showing that our readers are worried about the problems involving the so called “emergent countries”.

For all that, we can say that nothing will remain the same after 2011. We hope the top ten of the year shown below will help the readers to remind the events we lived during this unforgettable year.

The top 10 (click to read)

·        1- Behind the Scenes of the Debt Ceiling Theatre

·        2- The Arab Revolution in danger

·        3- Egypt: A revolution underway

·        4- Mubarak fell! Great triumph of the Revolution in Egypt!

·        5- Out with Mubarak now! For the triumph of the Egyptian and Arab revolution!

·        6- Brazilian president Dilma starts airports privatization

·        7- Budget Cuts and the Fight at Santa Monica College

·        8- Killing Osama will not prevent imperialist terrorism.

·        9- Statement on the Kashmir struggle

·        10- Discussion with the Castroist organizations