Next January 25th marks the 25th anniversary of Nahuel Moreno’s death, founder of the LIT-CI (International Workers League - Fourth International). To pay a tribute to him, our website publishes a variety of texts, most of which were published in the special edition of LIT-CI’s magazine Marxismo Vivo (Marxism Alive) in 2007, on the 20th anniversary of his death.

From that issue it has been taken At 20 years of Nahuel Moreno's death, some reflections on the ‘morenism’. This is an article written by Martin Hernandez, where the author defends the conceptual and political validity of talking about the existence of a "morenist trend” within Trotskyism. From the aforementioned edition of Marxismo Vivo we have also taken the chronology that places the main personal and political actions of Moreno’s life, in the context of the most prominent political processes and class struggles of the twentieth century.

And, by Moreno himself, we have chosen four texts. The first is the transcript of his intervention in the LIT-CI (IWL-FI) Congress in 1985, which has been given the title Why IV International?, where he explains why he defends this "number" for our international organization. The second are the final paragraphs of the book El Partido y la Revolución (The Party and the Revolution, 1973), published in Marxismo Vivo under the title The construction of a Revolutionary Workers World Party is the greatest task that a human being has ever proposed to do.

The others are The Trotskyist conception of the International, which are  extracts from the text “Our Experience with Lambertism” (1981), where can be found  one of the best definitions of what Moreno considered to be Trotskyist conception of the International; and The World party. This text is part of a long interview by Moreno published as a book under the title “Conversaciones con Moreno”. That is regardedas his political testament.

Indeed, in connection with this last statement, we want to pay this tribute to Nahuel Moreno as the start of the campaign we will carry out during 2012, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of LIT-CI foundation, held in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1982. In doing so, we remain faithful to the concepts of our founder, who in 1984 dedicated, in his own words, the main efforts in building an international revolutionary organization, a principle that in the last years of his life was expressed in the foundation and construction of the LIT -CI.

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Published in  Marxismo Vivo (Marxism Alive) special issue (2007) with the title: Nahuel Moreno. 20 years after his demise, some reflections on  "morenism".


Normally, within the left, when a leader acquires great dimension and contributes with something qualitatively different, whether positive or negative, his followers and even his enemies identify this movement with his name. Thus we talk of Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism or Trotskyism. Even when Moreno was still alive, and much more so after this death, several million people, even those organised in different trends used to call ourselves Morenists as a way of identifying ourselves with the ideas and the practical work of the Argentine Trotskyist leader, Nahuel Moreno, deceased twenty years ago. It is right that we should now ask ourselves: is this denomination correct? Is there such thing as “Morenism”? Has Moreno made sufficient contribution to justify the use of the term “Morenism”? Or is this denomination nothing more than a tender identification with a very respected leader?

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