For workers’ independence and to defeat the crisis! All to the CSP CONLUTAS Congress!
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Thursday, 26 April 2012 00:54

At the end of April 2012 the first Congress of CSP Conlutas (Popular and trade-union central - Conlutas/Brazil) will take place in Brazil in the city of Sumaré (close to São Paulo).

The international capitalist crisis more than ever poses the need for international solidarity between workers, the oppressed and exploited peoples. Imperialism and its governments are trying to make us pay for their crisis with our jobs, wages, pension funds and social rights such as health, education, housing and so on.

CSP CONLUTAS is attempting to build an organization that brings together labour unions, popular movements, the youth and those who struggle against oppression in Brazil. Their aims are: for the independence of workers against governments and bosses, for workers’ democracy, workers and social movement struggle and direct action, anti-imperialist struggle and struggle against exploitation and all kinds of gender, race or homophobic oppression. They organize on the belief that it is impossible to find a way out of the crisis through pacts and agreements with the multinationals, banks and their governments. They aim to make CSP  Conlutas a place for an united front of the exploited and oppressed in order to rebuild the unity of the exploited.

In this congress there will be delegates elected by trade-unions, popular movements, youth and movements against oppression. CSP CONLUTAS defends the idea of an unified entity of all who struggle against oppression and exploitation, operating under worker’s democracy. The congress will discuss many aspects of the struggle against Capital and how to build unity in this struggle in a democratic manner.

An expression of their insertion in the struggles and of the idea they defend of bringing popular movements to the CSP CONLUTAS central federation is that delegates from the Pinheirinho occupation will be present. This occupation was cowardly repressed by the state government of São Paulo because of their struggle for the right to housing. There will be delegates from many other movements and unions as well.

The Congress will take place between the April, 27-30 in the city of Sumaré (about 80km from the city of São Paulo). After the end of the congress on the May 1st there will be a May Day march in São Paulo, and on May 2nd and 3rd, an International Meeting with all international delegations present at the congress. This International Meeting is being convened by the CSP-CONLUTAS, the Union Sindical Solidaire from France, and by other organizations who were also at the Solidaires Congress in June 2011 in France.

The ISL will be present, with two delegates, as well as five other comrades from Britain.

Many voices, one struggle! Let us organize our struggles internationally to fight against the capitalist crisis and its attacks!

Why go to this congress? 

“I would never miss the opportunity of meeting serious political people and serious trade unionist especially other construction workers. I hope to learn from them, to see their mistakes and to share my experiences and knowledge. To let people know that they are not on their own, to let other trade unionists know that we are just like them, to let other workers know that we have no conflict of interest and that there is no need for wars.

To meet people that we would not meet under circumstances other than war. I would never have visited Brazil just to look at a beach or a hill, and Brazilian workers would never normally come to England to meet me. In that sense it is immensely important that working class people meet and share experiences, just like the bosses do. I am looking forward to meeting the Brazilian trade unionists and international delegates and show them that we are just like them with the same interests, joys and failings as human beings.

I hope to gain an understanding of trade union organisation in Brazil, to meet workers in their own back yard and discuss strategies and methods of fighting which can help in future struggles.” (Mick Dooley)

Who is going?

Mick Dooley was a bricklayer and union official until he got sacked by a corrupt union leadership. Helped organize the electricians’ strike.

Luke Durigan, from the University College London Students Union Education and Campaigns Office, and Union of Students Higher Education Committee.

Pete March is a member of the RMT National Executive, officially representing the RMT.

Maev McDaid is president of the Liverpool Guild of Students.

Margaret McAdam, member of the Unite CASA Community Branch.

Martin Ralph, delegate from UCU branch University of Liverpool and Liverpool TUC.

Glenroy Watson, delegate from RMT London underground branch.

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